The Swan, FOX's plastic surgery series

by | April 5, 2004 @ 12:00PM

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"The Swan," which features Monday nights at 8 / 7 C on Fox, features women who undergo such makeover procedures including plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, fitness training and therapy. Not only does the team of specialists, including plastic surgeons and cosmetic dentists, try to help enhance these women on the outside, but also on the inside. While the doctors and fitness trainers work on the body, therapy sessions and coaching will help improve these women's self-esteem. Then after three months, the "experts" hope to have transformed these self-proclaimed "ugly ducklings" into a "beautiful swan," beautiful and filled with confidence and beauty pageant material. Wait a minute, beauty pageant material?

That is correct. Unlike other plastic surgery reality shows, the women of "The Swan" are more than just participants, they are also contestants. Each week, two women undergo their transformations, and at the end of the show, based on their beauty, poise, and overall transformation, only one of them is chosen to move on to the "Swan Beauty Pageant" featured at the end of the season. Then at the beauty pageant, one of the participants is finally chosen to be the ultimate "Swan."

Here is another twist; "The Swan" contestants are not allowed to see themselves in the mirror for the entire three-month process. These women see their new look for the first time during their reveal.

Check back here regularly to read episode summaries on each episode of "The Swan." These summaries also provide you with an opportunity to find out more about the various procedures these women undergo to help them become a "Swan."

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