The Swan - Season 2, Episode 9

by | December 20, 2004 @ 12:00PM

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Original Air Date: 12/20/04

The Swan Winner - 2nd Beauty Pageant

It has finally arrived; the time has come for the 2nd Swan Beauty Pageant. It began with thousands of applicants, and then 16 women were chosen to come to Los Angeles and undergo a full-life makeover. This makeover included plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, fitness workouts, dieting, therapy and coaching. Week after week, one woman was chosen to move on to compete in the beauty pageant. Now it was time for the women to compete in the beauty pageant and find out who will be "The Swan."

To start off the episode, host Amanda Byram introduces the judges. They comprised of editor of US Magazine Ken Baker, singer Carnie Wilson, former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, producer Larry A. Thompson, and from LA Models Christa Sides-Klayman.

Each of the pageant contestants were re-introduced, and each introduction included a look back at their lives before "The Swan" program and their transformation. After showing each woman's story, they came on stage wearing their evening gown. As each woman walked on the stage, the judges rated them on their evening gown. Before finishing the evening gown segment, the wild card candidate was announced, Gina B. And it was her sister, fellow pageant contestant Kari B., who told her the good news.

Now with all of the contestants, it was time for the bathing suit competition. After the judges gave their scores, it was time to see who would move on to the Semi-Final Round. The lucky few were Erica, DeLisa, Gina D., and sisters Kari B. and Gina B.

In the Semi-Final round, each contestant was asked a question by one the judges. After that it was the photo shoot and lingerie competition. After that it was time to find out who would move on to the final round. The lucky three included DeLisa, Erica, and Gina B.

Then each of the finalists had 30 seconds to tell the judges why they should be "The Swan." With each response, it was time for the judges to decide who would be crowned "The Swan." The first Swan, Rachel Love-Fraser was introduced to crown the evening's winner. The second runner up was Erica, the first runner up was Gina B., and that leaves DeLisa as the Swan winner and the lucky woman to be named "The Swan."

Along with the title, DeLisa wins cash and prizes including being a national spokesperson to Nutrisystem, a paid trip to Thailand and Las Vegas, scholarships, a one year family membership to Spectrum Gyms and more.

"The Swan" will return for another season with a whole new set of women looking for a chance to transform their lives. Stay tuned.

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