The Swan - Season 2, Episode 8

by | December 13, 2004 @ 12:00PM

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Original Air Date: 12/13/04

Amy and Dore


Amy is a 27-year-old single mother and waitress from Texas. Her dream is to sing and be a performer, and be happy with how she looks. However, someone told her that she had a face for radio. Amy thought she would be someone big if she looked differently. She has felt like the biggest loser. When Amy looks at herself, she sees a big nose, broken front tooth, she hates her chin, and when she looks at her stomach she sees a lot of loose skin and stretch marks. Amy would love to be a part of "The Swan" but being away from her daughter will be the hardest part. But her dream is to be happy with herself.

Amy's plan will include:


• Jaw implant
• Chin implant
• Nose surgery
• Upper lip lift
• Lower eye lift
• Brow lift
• Eye surgery


• Liposuction
• Thighs
• Abdomen
• Hips
• Tummy tuck
• Breast lift


• Tooth reconstruction
• 10 root canals
• Davinci veneers
• Laser bone and gum surgery
• Crowns

Amy will also be put on a nutrasystem diet and spend 150 hours in the gym. She will also receive weekly therapy and coaching to help build her confidence.


Dore is 40 years old from Las Vegas. She does not have much self-esteem. She was always teased about her nose when she was growing up and it still hurts. Dore met her husband on a blind date. Her goal in life was to get married and have children. She was on a fertility program and actually became pregnant. However, 12 weeks later, she lost the baby. That was the most devastating day of her life. Dore spent so much money trying to have a baby and her husband did not want to adopt. Now, Dore looks in the mirror and sees the toll the fertility program has taken on her body. She started giving up on herself. Dore would like her 40's to be a new chapter in her life. Through "The Swan" program, Dore hopes that she can become more accepting of her situation and not go to sleep crying.

Dore's plan will include:


• Nose job
• Brow lift
• Upper eye lift
• Fat transfer
• Lips
• Cheeks
• Chin liposuction
• Chin implant
• LASIK eye surgery


• Breast augmentation
• Liposuction
• Abdomen
• Flanks
• Thighs


• Zoom bleaching
• Davinci veneers
• Gum sculpting
• Deep cleaning

Dore will also be put on 1200 calorie-a-day diet and spend two hours a day at the gym. To deal with the pain of infertility, Dore will also receive weekly therapy and coaching.

"The Swan" program:

On the first day of the program, Amy and Dore arrive at the Los Angeles apartment that they will call home for the next 12 weeks. On day one, they learn the rules of the program, including no mirrors. "The Swan" program begins now.

Amy's first stop is to visit with plastic surgeon Dr. Haworth. To gain a more defined look, Dr. Haworth wants to define Amy's jaw and chin. The doctor will use jaw implants, but there is a high risk of infection. Motherhood has taken a toll on Amy's body, including a lot of skin on the stomach with stretch marks. This part will not be the challenge. The biggest challenge for Dr. Haworth is the face.

Dore has her surgical consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Dubrow. His goal is to feminize her. Her chin is recessive and a chin implant and liposuction will help improve its appearance. Nose surgery will also help feminize the nose. Dr. Dubrow will not perform a tummy tuck just in case Dore becomes pregnant. Pregnancy will ruin the tummy tuck results. Instead, Dr. Dubrow will perform liposuction. However, the rest of the work will be done in the gym.

Amy has her dental appointment and Dr. Worth finds that the destruction in Amy's mouth is so bad. Dr. Worth has to perform many extractions, removing four decayed teeth. Dr. Worth worked on Amy's mouth for five hours. She even had to call in specialists to perform five root canals. Dr. Worth calls Dr. Haworth and tells him that she has never seen a 27-year-old with so much infection and decay. So, due to risk of infection with the jaw implants, the surgery is on hold for two weeks.

On the day of surgery, Dr. Dubrow begins by performing liposuction. The key was to bring the nose and chin into balance and removing one inch from the bony hump in the nose will help. Dore was teased her entire life, but Dr. Dubrow thinks she will be pleased with the results.

Two weeks have passed, the infection in the mouth has cleared up, and it was now Amy's turn for surgery. Before surgery, Amy receives a package from her daughter. Amy takes the stuffed animal she received from her daughter with her during surgery. The jaw implants, a first on "The Swan," will help give Amy a "model" look. A tummy tuck will tighten up the muscles, which were affected during pregnancy. After the extensive surgery, Amy will be in a lot of pain. Dr. Haworth's biggest concern is the jaw implants could get infected, and that it will get worse before it gets better.

While recovering, Amy misses her daughter and Dore longs for the child she's never had. Therapy helps her to deal with the miscarriage. She does not think its fair that everyone else has a baby but her. She wants to look forward to a better future, rather than looking back on the past 10 years. Dore is making progress emotionally.

Amy still has a long way to heal physically. She is still on a liquid diet and has to wait until her face heals. While recovering, she's receiving round the clock care.

Amy is waiting to complete her final surgery, eye surgery that involves practically adding another lens to the eye. LASIK will not work. A tiny piece of plastic placed on the eye will make a difference. After surgery, Amy was able to read the clock on the wall.

As for Dore, she is working hard in the gym. At this point, it was one month away before the final reveal. Who will make it to the pageant?

The night of the reveal:

Amy's reveal is first. Looking back on the experience, the jaw implants was the worst part, but her dreams have now come true. When she looks in the mirror, she is in tears. She is surprised by "the whole package" and is thankful to the experts.

Dore's reveal is next. Looking back, she feels the last three months have been difficult and exciting at the same time. She learned to respect and take care of herself. At the mirror, she is amazed by what she sees.

It was now time to decide who would move on to the pageant. The judges decided that... Amy would move on to the pageant. But for Dore, her husband and family was there to greet her and see her new look.

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