The Swan - Season 2, Episode 2

by | November 1, 2004 @ 11:00AM

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Original Air Date: 11/1/04

Gina and Lorrie

On tonight's episode of "The Swan," one woman who is hearing impaired, and the other dealing with the death of her husband, will be given a chance to become a Swan.


Gina is 38 years old, from Daytona Beach, Florida. She has been hearing impaired since she was three years old. She has lost hearing in her right ear and has 10% hearing in her left ear. Kids were mean to her during school and Gina would end up crying in her room when she got home. Gina is not embarrassed by her disability, but does not feel confident with herself. She can't stand her nose, she feels she has no chin and would like to lose some weight. With her husband, Gina feels like she's living with a roommate, and hates it. Her husband also has anger management problems. Gina wants to be able to stand up for herself.

For her Swan transformation Gina will receive:


Nose job
Brow lift
Chin implant
Liposuction under the chin
Fat transfer to lips
LASIK eye surgery


Breast augmentation
Tummy tuck
Liposuction on the hips


Zoom bleaching
Gum recontouring
Deep cleaning
daVinci veneers

Gina will also go on a 1200 calorie-a-day diet, and work out to tone her muscles and lose 10 pounds. She will also receive weekly therapy and coaching to help her deal with her traumatic childhood.

Gina meets with plastic surgeon Dr. Dubrow for a surgical consultation. He wants to make her face a lot more symmetrical and sculpt her nose to balance the face. By placing a chin implant, Dr. Dubrow can add definition to Gina's face.

During her dental consultation, cosmetic dentist Dr. Worth feels that Gina's mouth is the focus of her face. People have to look at Gina's mouth to understand what she is saying. With the dental work done, Gina's transformation is on track.

On the day of surgery, Gina is trying not to think about the pain she will be going through. Through an interpreter, Gina calls her husband looking for support. She did not get the support she was looking for. That day Gina received a breast augmentation which resulted in a perfect C. As for the rhinoplasty, it is one of the hardest operations for Dr. Dubrow. Upon completion the doctor feels the nose will come out okay.

After surgery, Gina is in good spirits and is experiencing no pain. She is moving ahead of schedule with her Swan program. However, while recovering, Hurricane Frances hits Gina's hometown of Daytona Beach, Florida. Gina is unable to contact her husband and son, but was able to contact her mother. Gina finds out that her house was flooded out and caused extensive damage and that her family was relocated. Gina's mother tells her to stay on the Swan program and finish it. After hanging up, Gina cries. She wishes she could help her family.

A surprise visitor comes to visit Gina, it is Merline from season one. Merline is the daughter of deaf parents and speaks to Gina through sign language. Merline tells Gina that she can take care of family for the rest of her life, but only has this short time to do something for herself.

A few days before her big reveal, Gina goes to a clinic to see if something can be done about her hearing. She has a hearing loss in her right ear and is given a new hearing aid. With the hearing aid, Gina is able to her hear voice for the first time. Now it was time for the reveal.

During the reveal, Gina feels great and excited. She can hear almost everything and it's the best day of her life. Finally when Gina saw herself in the mirror, she screamed. She is really excited about everything, including her nose, chin and teeth. Gina says she "looks like a movie star." She is no longer embarrassed about smiling.


Lorrie is 34 years old, from Corona, California. She hates looking at herself, life has really taken its toll on her and feels she has low self-esteem. Lorrie's mother would tell her she was fat, feeling bad made her eat. Lorrie once weighed 265 pounds. She lost the weight, but now has so much hanging skin, it looks like she's melting. Her husband had a bad liver and passed away a few months later. Lorrie feels her husband was her soul mate and now only has her kids for support. Lorrie wants to be in the Swan program and gain high self-esteem.

For her transformation, Lorrie will have to undergo the most procedures ever planned for a Swan competitor. This includes:


Nose job
Brow lift
Upper lip lift
Fat Transfer
Upper and lower eye lift
Foto facials


Full body lift
Thigh lift
Buttock lift
Nipple lift
Breast augmentation
Tummy tuck
Liposuction on knees


Tooth Bleaching
Upper / lower gum recontouring
Deep cleaning

Lorrie will also go through a 1200 calorie-a-day diet. To deal with her tragedy, Lorrie will receive weekly therapy and coaching.

Lorrie first meets with Dr. Haworth for a surgical consultation. The belly is a main issue, and it will be a difficult tummy tuck for Dr. Haworth. Lorrie is going to need a total body lift. She will be receiving the most dramatic transformation on the Swan, so a positive attitude is a must. Lorrie will be going through three separate surgeries.

Then, while having her dental work done, Lorrie is just a little shaken by the fact that a tooth will be removed. After reassuring Lorrie, Dr. Worth proceeds and works on improving her smile.

Stage 1: Before going into surgery, Lorrie looks to her children for comfort and gives them a call. On this day, she receives a rhinoplasty, lip augmentation, lip lift, buttock lift and inner thigh lift. The most challenging of these procedures for Dr. Haworth is the buttock and inner thigh lift due to scarring and high risk of infection. Those procedures are only reserved for high cases of obesity.

Stage 2: Two weeks after her first surgery, Lorrie receives an upper and lower eye lift, endoscopic brow lift and a facelift. After surgery, Lorrie still has a competitive spirit.

Stage 3: Lorrie receives a breast augmentation, breast lift, and a challenging tummy tuck. After the surgery, Lorrie must undergo a grueling recovery.

While recovering, Lorrie is in a tremendous amount of pain. She calls her kids telling them that she hates being there and wants to go home. Lorrie has reached her breaking point and has packed her bags to leave. However her kids gave her the strength to keep going. Lorrie decides to stay and works hard to making the beauty pageant.

Lorrie had been through ups and downs and had more procedures than any Swan contestant. During her reveal, Lorrie feels more confident and is excited when she finally sees her transformation in the mirror. Her favorite part of the transformation is no tummy bulge. This was more than she expected and is glad she stayed in the competition.

The decision:

The judges, in consultation with the experts, decided that Gina will be moving on to the beauty pageant. For Lorrie, her kids and her friends show up to see her new look. Lorrie feels better about herself, more confident and stronger for all the stuff she went through.

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