The Swan - Season 2, Episode 1

by | October 25, 2004 @ 09:00AM

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Original Air Date: 10/25/04

Jennifer and Kimberly

This is the start of a brand new season of "The Swan" as 16 more women from around the country come to Los Angeles to undergo remarkable transformations. Once again, these self-proclaimed "ugly ducklings" are transformed into "beautiful swans."


The first candidate is Jennifer, a 30 year old mother of three from Mesa, Arizona. When she was six years old, she was severely burned in a house fire. She feels her mother was responsible because she was not there as the fire happened. Throughout her childhood, Jennifer was made fun of and she became withdrawn. She feels normal around her family, but is self-conscious around others. Jennifer would like to have the scars removed, but if she could just have her nose and smile fixed, it would help her feel good about herself. After listening to Jennifer's story, the experts are ready to get to work.

Jennifer's transformation will include:


Rhinoplasty (nose surgery)
Lip augmentation
Fat transfer: cheeks, under eyes
Dermabrasion – face and neck
Breast augmentation
Liposuction of the legs, knees, back, abdomen
Tummy tuck


Gum surgery
Zoom bleaching
daVinci veneers
Deep cleaning

Jennifer will also undergo a 1200 calorie-a-day diet and spend two hours a day at the gym. To help deal with her tragic past, Jennifer will also undergo weekly therapy and coaching.

Jennifer is ready to undergo "The Swan" program and first meets with plastic surgeon Dr. Haworth. He informs her that he will dermabrade the skin to improve upon the burn scars. For the nose, Dr. Haworth plans to take out the hump and make it smaller. A tummy tuck will improve upon Jennifer's abdomen, by making it tighter and removing scarred abdominal skin. Dr. Haworth informs her that it will be a huge improvement, but not perfect.

The next visit is with cosmetic dentist Dr. Worth. During this visit, Jennifer undergoes a full mouth reconstruction. The doctor feels that after this, Jennifer will be noticed for her smile and not the scars.

The night before surgery, Jennifer is in tears after calling her family. Her kids miss her and that tears her up inside. She has trouble sleeping that night.

On the day of surgery, Jennifer is ready. Dr. Haworth begins by performing the tummy tuck and removing burned skin. Dermabrasion is used to polish the unsightly scars. Dr. Haworth then performs the nose job. He is thoroughly satisfied with the results. Jennifer wakes up in great spirits.

Jennifer's recovery is also off to a good start, but has been set back emotionally. Missing her family still tears her apart.

During therapy, Jennifer and therapist Dr. Lynn Ianni discuss Jennifer's unresolved anger towards her mother for leaving her alone during the fire. Jennifer realizes that she must wear her scars as if it was jewelry.

Finally after three months, it was the night of Jennifer's big reveal. Amanda, the host, was speechless when she saw Jennifer. Then when Jennifer finally saw herself in the mirror, she too was speechless. She doesn't believe the results she's seeing.


Kimberly is a 37-year-old, mother of four, from Cleveland Heights, Ohio. During her childhood, she never knew her father, and it wasn't her mother, but her godmother who raised her. Then suddenly Kimberly's godmother died. Throughout school, Kimberly had a different friend each year. She graduated college and gained the family, she never had. However, having kids took its toll on her body. Kimberly gained some weight and knows she has a beautiful figure under the fat. After discussing what they can do for Kimberly, the experts want to get started.

Kimberly's transformation will include:


Liposuction of the chin and cheeks
Eyelid lift


Breast augmentation
Tummy tuck
Liposuction of arm and tummy
Liposuction of the leg
Liposuction of the buttocks

Kimberly will undergo a 1200 calorie a day diet, and also go through two hours a day at the gym, which will include weight training, and cardio training. To help her deal with her troubled childhood, Kimberly will undergo weekly therapy and coaching.

When arriving at her temporary home, Kimberly forgot that there would be no mirrors for the next three months. There was no turning back now.

Kimberly then met with plastic surgeon Dr. Dubrow for a surgical consultation. They talk about a tummy tuck to help remove the loose skin that resulted from having four kids. Liposuction can be done to help improve upon the contours of Kimberly's face, and liposuction will also be done on the knees and thighs. This will help, however the rest of the work will be done in the gym.

During the nutritional consultation, Kimberly expresses her problems with following the diet planned for her.

On the day of surgery, Kimberly is eager, but now has a new request, she now wants nose surgery. She even brings a list of demands on what she does not want her nose to look like. Dr. Dubrow begins the surgery with the tummy tuck and making an incision all along the lower abdominal area. This procedure will help provide as flat of an abdominal wall as can be. Dr. Dubrow addresses the nose by decreasing the width of the bridge. The surgery is successful, but Kimberly thinks she cannot breathe. She is okay, but now goes through a challenging recovery.

Life coach Nely Galan checks in on Kimberly and to discuss the problems Kimberly is having with the program. She is having issues in therapy and complaining in the gym. Kimberly is tired of being misunderstood.

Cindy, a contestant from the first season, comes by to visit Kimberly and to give her some support. This boosted Kimberly's spirits, and now she was back on track.

Finally came the night of Kimberly's reveal. She came into the room strutting her stuff. When she finally saw herself in the mirror after three months, her first word was "Wow." She didn't expect to look the way she did and hugged her plastic surgeon Dr. Dubrow.

The decision:

Now it was time to decide who will move on to the beauty pageant. Jennifer faced her fears and emerged a new woman. Kimberly overcame her resistance to the program and embraced her transformation.

The women were judged on their beauty, poise and overall transformation. A panel of judges, in consultation with the experts, decided that Jennifer would move on to the pageant.

As for Kimberly, she felt this journey has been remarkable. She has done a lot of changing, both physically and emotionally. And as a surprise, Kimberly's husband and kids came by to see her.

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