The Swan - Season 1, Episode 8

by | May 17, 2004 @ 08:00AM

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Original Air Date: 5/17/04

Tanya and Merline

Tanya is a 31-year-old data processor, from Olympia Washington. She is very self-conscious about her looks. All she sees is her nose and thinks she looks ugly. Tanya was picked on a lot at school. She even wanted tinted windows in her car. Basically, Tanya wants to hide from the world. However, Tanya wants to be an outgoing, normal person.

The experts feel they can help by opening up her face. Plastic surgery would include an eyebrow lift and lip augmentation to help add sexiness to her lips. A nose job and chin implant was also mentioned. Dr. Ianni, and Nely both agreed that process of helping Tanya with emotions would not be easy.

The second contestant is Merline, a 29-year-old single mother of three from Victorville, California. When she was younger, she had to take on more than a regular kid would. Merline was an interpreter when she was 18. She drives a hundred miles each day to work. She spends her time on work, kids, home, never for herself. Sex life with her boyfriend used to be good, but now her breasts and tummy bother her. Also she has been braces have waited ten years, but never had the time. Merline wants to be able to smile with straight teeth.

For the experts' opinion, plastic surgeon Dr. Haworth feels that lips have to work in synergy with dentistry. Dentist Dr. Sherri Worth wants to place veneers on all of Merline's front teeth. She wants to bring some playfulness to Merline's teeth. Liposuction and tummy tuck will also help bring out playfulness.

Merline's first visit in L.A. was with plastic surgeon Dr. Haworth. This was her first step towards taking care of herself first instead of others. Dr. Haworth suggested that Merline needs a chin implant, and pointed out that she has nice cheekbones but it is imbalanced by weak chin. Also that she has great breasts, except one is smaller than the other, Dr. Haworth will help bring balance to them.

Tanya also paid a visit to Dr. Haworth's office. Dr. Haworth wants to create more femininity with Tanya's appearance. For her nose, the doctor suggests taking the bump off the nose and refining the tip. The doctor also pointed out a certain degree of droop in the breasts, which can be corrected with a breast lift. Tummy has a lot of loose skin, stretch marks, and a tummy tuck could help correct those problems.

Merline next had to face the most critical phase of her transformation, the dental visit. Merline's teeth were a mess and her gums were severely infected. After today's visit, Merline would have to visit Dr. Worth five more times. These visits included Root canals, tooth bleaching, temporary veneers, and Dr. Worth considered this one of the most difficult transformations of her career.

Then Merline still had to undergo plastic surgery. Dr. Haworth and Dr. Dubrow worked together to help transform Merline. They start off with the body work, specifically the breast augmentation. The procedure will enhance Merline's breasts to a mid C cup. Then after the body work, they moved on to facial surgery. Merline's whole surgery came out nicely.

On the eve of her surgery, Tanya is restless while trying to sleep. Then on the day of surgery, she thinks she is going to throw up. Dr. Haworth is a little nervous about Tanya's heart rate before surgery. Dr. Haworth performed open rhinoplasty, this included cutting out cartilage and using sutures to redirect the tip. Breast augmentation and breast lift were performed to provide a rejuvenated look to Tanya's breasts. Abdominoplasty was performed to remove the loose skin on the abdomen. The surgery was complete, but Dr. Haworth is afraid that Tanya's anxiety might lead to a meltdown.

After her surgery, Merline is bedridden. Dr. Haworth thinks she looks amazing after surgery. Even though Merline is struggling during recovery, she is on track with the program.

Tanya, however, was off to a bad start and was feeling horrible after surgery. Two days later, she is back in her L.A. apartment, but wants to go home.

Merline was now starting to worry about being away from home, because her boyfriend is not keeping up with things back home. Every phone call home was steering her further away from the program.

As for Tanya, she was fighting with depression. Life coach Nely Galan is worried about Tanya and tells her that she is displaying extreme negativity. Nely tells Tanya that she has to change that attitude. Nely then shows Tanya her audition tape and wants her to go back to that person on the tape. Tanya realizes her biggest struggle is being positive, and not cynical. Tanya had a breakthrough when she had a phone conversation with her mother. The comforting words from her mother were what she needed to hear.

Merline had regular therapy session to help put herself first. She spent time taking care of her sisters and others. All of Merline's emotions were coming out during therapy. She not had to try and focus on herself.

Then came something very surprising. "The Swan" security received information that a contestant was hiding a mirror. The mirror was found in Tanya's apartment. Tanya realized that it was a big break in the rules, and decided to quit the program. Tanya completed her physical transformation, but "The Swan" program proved too difficult for her and went home. Nely was disappointed that Tanya quit 80% of the way.

Now it was time for Merline's reveal and she had no idea that Tanya had dropped out. When Merline came out for her reveal, she said she feels great on the inside. It had been three months since she's seen herself in a mirror and when she finally saw her reflection, she loved her new look. Merline feels like she doesn't even recognize herself. She can't believe the appearance of her teeth.

When asked by the host Amanda Byram, how much would she love to be chosen, Merline's response was "badly." Amanda informed Merline that Tanya had dropped out and that she is going to the pageant.

Next was the choosing of the wild card spot. The judges, in consultation with the experts, took a second look at the candidates that were not previously chosen. So "The Swan" welcomed back Kelly from week one who was still looking radiant. Since last seeing Kelly, she had lost more weight, and was working with her therapist. The other lady invited back was Kristy from week two, and since then, she had been pushing herself to the limit. Both women deserve to go to the pageant, but only one would be chosen. The one not chosen will become the pageant alternate. That pageant spot went to... Kelly. The experts felt that Kelly still had a driving force within her even after she wasn't picked the first time.

Now it was time for "The Swan" pageant.

Even though Tanya did not complete her transformation, she did undergo several procedures including:

For her Face:

• Nose job
• Brow lift
• Cheek implants
• Chin implant
• Upper lip lift
• Lip augmentation
• Lasik eye surgery

Body procedures included:

• Tummy tuck
• Breast augmentation
• Breast lift

For her dental work:

• Zoom bleaching
• Veneers
• Gum surgery
• Deep cleaning

Before leaving the program, Tanya was undergoing a 1700 calorie a day diet and spent 2 hours a day at the gym. She was also trying to gain her self-confidence through weekly therapy and coaching.

Merline underwent through a full-life makeover and made it into "The Swan" Beauty Pageant:

Face procedures included:

• Brow lift
• Upper lip lift
• Lower eyelid fat removal
• Chin liposuction
• Fat transfer to cheeks
• Lasik eye surgery

Body contouring procedures included:

• Breast augmentation
• Tummy tuck

Her extensive dental work included:

• Zoom bleaching
• Veneers
• Gum Surgery
• Root canals
• Decay removal
• Deep Cleaning

For her fitness training, Merline underwent a 1700 calorie a day diet and spent 2 hours a day in the gym with emphasis on weight training. Merline also received weekly coaching and therapy to help her deal with her insecurities and focus on her self.

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