The Swan - Season 1, Episode 7

by | May 10, 2004 @ 03:00PM

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Original Air Date: 5/10/04

Dwan and Marnie

Marnie is a 35-year-old medical assistant from Michigan. Even though she is just 35 years old, she feels like she's 60, she just looks so tired and drained. Marnie says she has been feeling this way for the last 15 years. She was so excited about having a family, but her husband didn't want the responsibility. So he left Marnie and the children. That was just so heartbreaking for her. Marnie would love to look sexy and glamorous and look alive again. She hadn't dated since the breakup of her ex-husband, which was 10 years ago.

Dr. Haworth feels he can help Marnie by removing the bags under eyes, performing a mid facelift, lip augmentation, breast augmentation and liposuction. Dr. Ianni wants to help Marnie through her depression.

Dawn is 33 years old. She was always considered the fat girl, and there was a lot of teasing. She feels like after having 3 kids, everything's gone downhill. Ever since she got married, Dawn felt she has had more issues with her teeth and that they have deteriorated. She feels that her kids have pushed her buttons. Dawn's own parents divorced when she was 2 and felt like her mother resented having take care of her. Dawn wishes she saw something different in the mirror. She wants to go on the Swan for herself.

As far as the expert's opinion, Dr. Ianni feels that Dawn is using anger as a protection. Dentist Dr. Sherri Worth notices the gaps and decay in Dawn's teeth and she wants to feminize her smile. Dr. Dubrow suggests a browlift, upper eyelift, and fat taken out of her cheeks will help feminize her face. The loose abdominal skin also shows Dawn needs tummy tuck. The biggest challenge for Dawn will be her dental work.

Dawn and Marnie move into their Los Angeles apartment. For the next three months, the two women will be pushed to their limits in order to transform into a Swan.

First for Dawn was a trip to the dentist. For Dr. Sherri Worth, this was one of the worst cases she has ever seen. It will take an entire day of work, the help of three dental specialists, and she doesn't think it would be entirely successful. Dawn's teeth were rotten. She had to be sedated while a periodontist cut away infected gum tissue. There was so much extensive decay in her teeth.

During Marnie's surgical consultation, the main topic was to make her look less tired. Dr. Haworth pointed out that one breast is little lower and larger than the other and will try and balance them with breast implants. He also wants to create elegance in Marnie's legs and make them look more feminine. Marnie is really excited; the doctor answered her questions, and she feels ready to do this.

After undergoing dental work, it was time for Dawn to meet her plastic surgeon, Dr. Dubrow. During the consultation, various items were addressed. Dawn possessed stretch marks, loose skin and excess fat in her abdominal area, which will be addressed through a tummy tuck. The left breast is smaller than right and they will need to be balanced.

On the eve of her surgery, Marnie found herself a little nervous and tried to get a good night's rest. During surgery, Dr. Haworth took out fat pockets in Marnie's face, he wanted to take out the sad appearance. Also there was not much shape in her calves which was the next procedure. For the breast augmentation, the doctor wanted to start with a small C and take it from there. Dr. Haworth felt that the surgery came out the way he wanted it to.

Dawn now had to face extensive surgery, which was just days after receiving extensive dental work. Dawn says she will be happy the results and feels that anything will be better than how she looks now. Dr. Dubrow performed the surgery. Liposuction on the abdomen area was performed to give a thinner waist. For the tummy tuck, an incision was made around the belly button skin would then be pulled and removed. It was a long surgery for Dawn. Dr. Dubrow says that it can be overwhelming for having both dental work and plastic surgery so close together.

Marnie was suffering from post-op pain and she had problems sticking to the program. She was taking off her chin strap because it made her uncomfortable. However Dr. Haworth says that it is mandatory to wear the chin strap after undergoing chin liposuction, or else the skin under her neck could become droopy.

As for Dawn, her surgery has triggered her migraine headaches. Dawn also bled through left side her nose. She was suffering from post-op depression.

Life Coach Nely paid a visit to Marnie and told her to follow the doctor's orders. She was very disappointed with Marnie.

Nely also paid a visit to Dawn because she was ordering all the wrong types of food. Dawn had to step it up in the gym and was now determined to burn off the fat after getting a visual from Fitness Trainer Greg Comeaux of what 15 pounds of fat look like.

Marnie had even more trouble sticking to the program, when it was apparent that a lack of motivation kept her from really working out in the gym.

Dawn has worked hard on herself, but the relationship with her family was struggling. Dawn was going to have to tame her temper. Dr. Ianni sees how short Dawn is with her children. All the fighting and arguing is what sticks out in Dawn's childhood memory. So Dr. Ianni has Dawn writes a letter to herself. That helped Dawn have a breakthrough.

Marnie was still suffering from a lack of motivation. Nely notices Marnie hasn't left her room in three days. Marnie still feels sad, even though all these good things were happening to her. She wanted to see herself.

A month later came the reveal. Marnie went first. When the experts recapped on Marnie's experience, Nely felt that Marnie had the hardest time with not seeing herself in the mirror. Dr. Haworth told everyone that Marnie had great bone structure and surgery complemented that. When Marnie came out for her reveal, she said that even though she feels wonderful, she doesn't believe it yet. So it was time for her to see herself in the mirror. However even after the curtain was pulled to reveal the mirror, Marnie slowly had to pull away her hands from her face before she could see herself. She couldn't believe what she saw. Marnie was so happy. Dr. Haworth was totally stunned and Nely thought Marnie looked gorgeous.

Next was Dawn's reveal. Dentist, Dr. Worth said that Dawn's dental work was the biggest challenge of all the Swans. Dr. Dubrow felt that the key was to feminize her when dealing with Dawn's surgery. When Dawn came out to reveal her new look, she said that feels great and unbelievable. However, she can't wait to see her new smile. So when she saw herself in the mirror, she was amazed by the results of her new smile. She felt that her new reflection doesn't even look like her. She then stated that her husband is going to die when he sees her and that he's gonna think he is married to a new woman.

Then came time to decide who would move on the pageant. Between Marine and Dawn, the judges chose Marine to move on. The experts felt that Marine won the spot on the pageant because she looked beautiful and they felt Dawn didn't make it because they felt she still had a lot of work to do on the inside.

It wasn't over for Dawn, for her final surprise, Dawn's husband, children, and best friend came by to visit her. Dawn's husband was stunned and surprised. Dawn felt like this whole experience was a win-win situation.

To help her earn a spot in the beauty pageant, Marnie underwent a series of full-life makeover procedures:

For her face, procedures included:

Brow lift
Mid-face lift
Lower eye fat removal
Nose job
Corner lip lift
Lip augmentation with injections
Chin lift

Body contouring procedures included:

Breast augmentation
Liposuction - abdomen, thighs, calves and ankles
Dental work included:
Zoom bleaching
Deep cleaning

To get into shape, Marnie had to spend 2 hours a day, 6 days a week at the gym and this included weight training to define arms and cardio exercises to help her lose weight. The program also called for weekly therapy and coaching to help with Marnie s struggles of low self esteem and depression.

Even though Dawn did not make it to the program, she also underwent a full-life makeover.

For her face, procedures included:

Brow lift
Lower eye fat removal
Mid-face lift
Nose surgery
Cheek refinement
Collagen injections
Chin lift

Body procedures included:

Breast nipple lift
Breast augmentation
Tummy tuck
Laser hair removal

Dental work included:

Gum surgery
Deep cleaning
Root canals

Dawn went to the gym two times a day for fitness workouts, which included aerobics and leg exercises. To help deal with her childhood memories Dawn underwent weekly therapy and coaching.?

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