The Swan - Season 1, Episode 6

by | May 10, 2004 @ 03:00PM

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Original Air Date: 5/10/04

Sarina and Kelly

Sarina is 36 years old and from Denver, Colorado. She describes herself just as okay, not ugly, but not beautiful either. Basically she calls herself the "ultimate plain Jane." 4 years into marriage, her husband cheated on her. Sarina filed for divorce the Monday after finding out husband had an affair. Sarina's husband hurt her and now she wants to move forward, but being feelings of being rejected has prevented her from moving on.

The experts feel they can help her. First the plastic surgeons felt that a brow lift, upper eyelid, extensive liposuction can help, as well as liposuction to bring out Sarina's ankles. Fitness trainer Greg Comeaux felt that Sarina is 30 lbs overweight, and needs to burn off serious weight through cardio exercises.

Kelly is 25 years old and from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She remembers being teased in the 3rd grade because nose was crooked. The hard years of her childhood are still hurting her. A big part of her self-esteem is her face. Kelly wants to be a cheerleader, but thinks her looks are holding her back. She would love to feel great about herself.

For the experts' opinions, the plastic surgeons feel Kelly has great eyes, and they want to try and bring some dimensionality to her face by making some refinements to her nose, provide lip enhancement, and cheek enhancement. Fitness trainer feels that Kelly actually needs to add on 15 lbs. Dentist Sherri Worth wants to give her a beautiful smile with some veneers.

On the first day of the program, Kelly was ready to say goodbye to her nose and gain that self-esteem. Sarina was looking to move on from the pain of her ex-husband's affair. Both women made the commitment to change.

During Kelly's surgical consultation, Dr. Haworth pointed out that Kelly has nice cheekbones, but her facial features need to be more defined. He wants to straighten her crooked nose and take out the bumps. Kelly was overwhelmed about the idea of changing her nose.

During Sarina's surgical consultation, Dr. Dubrow showed her how by raising her brow it makes a nice change. So an endoscopic brow lift, and upper eyelift would be performed. Liposuction will also be performed on the lower half of her body, especially the calves and ankles. However, Dr. Dubrow feels that Sarina would still have a lot of work to do even after surgery. She has to lose 30 lbs to be considered for the pageant, unlike Kelly who has to put on weight. Kelly needs to put on 15 lbs. of body muscle.

Sarina's day of surgery was her first step towards putting things behind her. Liposuction in thighs and calves was performed. Dr. Dubrow feels that beauty is in the bone and that Sarina has great bone structure that simply needs to be uncovered. The doctor thinks Sarina will be surprisingly gorgeous at the end of this transformation.

Kelly prepares for surgery by calling her boyfriend. Instead of a comforting call, Kelly's boyfriend is criticizing her decision to getting cheek implants. So Kelly ends up having surgery without the support she was looking for. Dr. Haworth performed the nose surgery by removing the hump, refining the tip, narrowing her base, and then finally straightening the septum. Dr. Haworth performed the cheek implants in a unique fashion; he placed the cheek implants placed through the brow lift to minimize contamination through the mouth. Kelly woke up in great spirits, but Dr. Haworth feels that Kelly is emotional and that she needs to be watched over during her recovery.

A few days later, Kelly was questioning results of her procedures. She felt like the skin on her face was caving in. However when Dr. Haworth took off the bandages, his assurances that the results looked good was able to put her at ease.

As for Sarina, even though she came into this program to move forward, she was still letting her ex-husband into her life with numerous calls. Kelly's boyfriend was holding her back as well. Her boyfriend was upset whenever he talked to her, and so Kelly was frustrated by her boyfriend's lack of support. Kelly went to therapy to express her emotions. She struggled to gain the self-esteem to help her stand up for herself.

Sarina was still letting her ex-husband sneak into her life. She even has candles that smell like her husband. Sabrina's inability to move on has kept her off track. Life coach Nely has a discussion with Sarina and wants her to focus on herself.

A month later was the big reveal. Sarina was the first to reveal to her transformation. Dr. Dubrow, helped designed the femininity of her face and contoured her body through liposuction. Finally Sarina came to reveal herself. Before she always thought of herself as the "ultimate plain Jane," but not anymore. She had now learned to love herself and take care of herself. Sarina had given too much of herself up, but has now refined herself. When it came time to discover her new look in the mirror, Sarina was all screams when she finally saw herself. She thinks the transformation is unbelievable. She feels amazing and pretty. Dr. Dubrow felt that Sarina has made quite a transformation.

Next was Kelly's reveal. Dr. Haworth felt that her rhinoplasty was a routine one, but help bring femininity to her face. Then Kelly came out to reveal her new appearance. Kelly felt that the hardest part of the whole experience was her therapy, but she feels like she can tackle anything now. When she finally saw herself in the mirror, she thinks she looks absolutely beautiful. Kelly feels like she has to pinch herself. She is very happy with the results and never thought she could look like this. Kelly looked like she was happy with herself.

Now it came time to decide who would move on to the pageant and who would go home. The judges' decision was for Sarina. Dr. Ianni felt she was selected because she was able to let go and move on. Nely felt bad that Kelly didn't make into the pageant, but now she has a head start in her life.

Kelly felt that without the whole Swan experience, she would have never had the confidence. So she is going home a very happy woman. For Kelly's final surprise, her parents came by to see her, as well as the rest of her family. Kelly felt this whole Swan program was amazing.

Sarina was able to make it to the pageant by undergoing several full-life makeover procedures:

For her face, procedures included:

Brow lift
Mid-face lift
Lip augmentation using fat injections
Upper eyelid fat removal
Mole removal

Body contouring included:

Liposuction of the flanks, knees, thighs, calves, ankles and abdomen

Dental work included:

Zoom bleaching
Gum tissue recontouring
Deep cleaning
Orthodontics for lower teeth straightening

Sarina also had to get into shape physically by undergoing a 1200 calories/day diet and spend 120 hours in the gym. To deal with the pain of her ex-husband s rejection and to build self-confidence, Sarina also had to undergo weekly therapy and coaching.

Even though Kelly didn t make it to the pageant, she also experienced a full-life makeover in the process.

Facial plastic surgery, included:

Nose job
Brow lift
Cheek implants
Chin Implants
Lower eye fat transfer
Lip augmentation
Ear lobe surgery (Otoplasty)
Mole removal
Restylane line filler

Dental work included:

Zoom bleaching
Gum Surgery
Deep cleaning

Kelly was the only Swan contestant who actually had to gain weight. So she was put on a 2300 calorie/day diet and needed to gain 15 pounds of muscle.

To find the self-confidence to stick up for herself, Kelly underwent weekly therapy and coaching.

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