The Swan - Season 1, Episode 2

by | April 12, 2004 @ 02:00PM

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Original Air Date: 4/12/04

Kristy and Christina

The next set of contestants this week is Kristy G, a 22-year old serving in the army from Fort Irwin, CA and Cristina T, a 27-year old administrative assistant from Rancho Cordova, CA.

Kristy wants this opportunity on "The Swan" because she is not happy with who she is on the outside. Kristy is 200 miles apart from her husband and she works and takes care of their daughter at the same time. She doesn't want to be the "funny girl" anymore as she called herself, and she wants to look more feminine. Plastic surgeon Dr. Dubrow says he can make Kristy more feminine and feel sexier by opening up her eyes and performing other surgical procedures. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Sherri Worth can change Kristy's strong masculine teeth into a beautiful smile. The experts feel they can get her ready for the pageant in three months.

Through this experience on "The Swan" Cristina hopes to change herself on the outside as well as the inside. She is originally from Ecuador and soon after, she got married. Cristina and her husband tried for a baby, but with no success. When she finally became pregnant and gave birth, the experience took its toll on her body. She feels her appearance has affected her marriage in a negative way and has even considered getting a divorce. She wants this opportunity to be on "The Swan" to help be a better Cristina and to be a better belly dancer. Dr. Dubrow feels that a tummy tuck will fix the problem, a breast augmentation can balance her body and a rhinoplasty can take the bump off her nose. Dr. Sherri feels that Cristina's teeth are too small and fixing that will change her entire face.

In Los Angeles, both Kristy and Cristina find out the same thing all contestants will soon find out, there are no mirrors in their living area. Also they can't see their appearance or their friends & family until their transformation is complete. Next for each contestant was to have a personal consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Dubrow, who would handle both cases. At Cristina's consultation, the doctor suggested a tummy tuck to remove the excess skin from the abdomen and he pointed out that her breasts were deflated and drooping. He also told her that after surgery, she can be the belly dancer she wants to be. For Kristy's consultation, she tells the doctor that she feels masculine on the inside and looks masculine on the outside. Kristy says she wants a full D cup bra size and that it is worth going any pain.

At Dr. Worth's office, both Kristy and Cristina undergo hours of dental work. Kristy needs 15 hours in the dental chair. Even though Cristina hasn't been taking good care of her teeth, her dental work should be easier for Dr. Worth than Kristy's.

Then came the day of surgery. Kristy went first. She wanted to contact her husband before going into surgery, but was unavailable. However military life has taught Kristy to be independent. During surgery, Dr. Dubrow explains that Kristy has good body shape, but it is hiding underneath a layer of fat. After doing the breast augmentation, Dr. Dubrow loves the results. The last procedure of the day was the CO2 laser resurfacing. Five minutes after awaking from surgery, Kristy was very vibrant. Dr. Dubrow has never seen a patient wake up like that before.

For Cristina's day of surgery, she brought her belly-dancing belt to show Dr. Dubrow. Before going into surgery, Cristina felt this was the scariest moment of her life. During surgery, Dr. Dubrow first started with the breasts to balance her belly. The belly-dancing belt proved helpful as it acted as a guide for Dr. Dubrow during the tummy tuck procedure. This was one of the most extensive tummy tuck procedures the doctor has ever performed. Cristina's nose also made the rhinoplasty procedure a little challenging; however the doctor removed the hump on the nose and refined it. After surgery, Cristina was not as vibrant as Kristy. Before she really wanted the surgery, but afterwards, could not deal with it. She wanted to get out of there.

Dr. Dubrow explained that after surgery, patients can go from feeling worse to feeling better. That was the case with Cristina; she was able to bounce back from post-surgery depression. However Kristy, who was once vibrant, had now gotten worse. The pain was pushing her to a breaking point. Now she was the one who wanted to run away from it all.

Cristina's spirits were lifted up even more when she got a video message from her family. For Kristy, to handle her relationship problems, she went to Dr. lanni for therapy. Kristy feels like she is a single parent. However Kristy feels the relationships at home won't let her lose sight of the pagent.

Cristina faced a problem – she was making no progress on the weighing scale. The life coach, Nely Galan, explained to Cristina that she was the only contestant who actually gained weight. She was ordering ice cream, yogurt, and basically cheating on her diet. However Cristina decided to get rid of the snacks in her refrigerator and focus on winning the pageant.

Finally it was time for the big reveal. Kristy went first. Dr. Dubrow felt he was able to make Kristy more feminine. Kristy needed a few extra moments, before being ready to see herself with her new appearance. When Kristy finally saw herself in the mirror, she was in tears. She even asks the show's host, Amanda Byram to pinch her. Kristy can't believe everything they have done for her. Then it was Cristina's turn, she felt like this was an American dream. When she saw herself in the mirror, she broke down into tears. She feels she can belly dance now.

Now it was time to find out who would move on to the beauty pageant, and who would be going home. The judges, in consultation with the experts, would be the ones to decide. Kristy and Cristina were judged on beauty, poise and overall transformation. When the decision was made, it was Cristina who would move forward in the competition. For Kristy, she felt that what she received from this experience was all she needed and that she had won so much already. However the host Amanda has another surprise for Kristy, her husband, daughter and the rest of her friends and family came to see her. Kristy is not disappointed at all, she now feels so pretty.

Kristy underwent several procedures:

For the Face, these procedures included:

Nose job
Fat transfer to lips
Brow lift
Mid face lift
CO2 laser treatment
Several Dermatological visits

For the Body, procedures included:

Breast augmentation
Liposuction in seven different areas: the inner thighs, outer thighs, buttocks, flanks, abdomen, knees, chin

For the Dental work, Kristy underwent:

Zoom bleaching
Full DaVinci veneers
Periodontic treatment
Deep cleaning

In order to get into shape, Kristy had to go through a fitness regiment, which included a 1200 calorie-a-day diet and spend 120 hours in gym doing cardio and high repetition weight training. She also had to go through therapy and coaching to build self-esteem.

With the help of the show's experts, Cristina was able to move on to the beauty pageant. Like Kristy, she too had to undergo several procedures to go from an "ugly duckling" to a "beautiful Swan."

For the face, Cristina s procedures included:

Brow lift
Eye lift
Nose job
Liposuction chin and cheeks
Dermatological visits

For the Body:

Tummy tuck
Breast augmentation
Liposuction of her thighs

Dental work included:
Zoom bleaching
Full DaVinci veneers
Gum tissue recontouring
Deep cleaning

Cristina also had a fitness regiment, which included a 1200 calorie-a-day diet and spent 120 hours in gym doing cardio and high repetition weight training. For Cristina's intimacy issues, she needed therapy and coaching.

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