The Swan - Season 1, Episode 3

by | April 19, 2004 @ 02:00PM

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Original Air Date: 4/19/04

Cindy and Tawnya

Two women have been chosen to compete in "The Swan" Beauty Pageant, and now two more women have the chance to compete in the pageant. However only one will advance, and the other will go home. The first candidate is Cindy, a 32-year old mom from San Diego, California. She grew up in a small town and was a shy person, her nose made her a target to be picked on. For her elementary school Halloween program, she was easily selected to be the witch. Then after her pregnancy, Cindy's body began changing. Pregnancy and nursing really took its toll on her breasts and belly. Also she has a problem with facial hair and has to shave constantly. She is very self-conscious during sex and even wears a shirt in bed. Cindy wants to feel confident in bed and feels that "The Swan" will help make her a better person. Even though it is hard for her to separate from her family, Cindy feels that this opportunity is important to her.

The Swan's plastic surgeons feel that Cindy's nose will be a difficult one to work on and it could go horribly wrong with a few false moves. They also feel that a small abdominoplasty and a boob job will work.

The second candidate Tawnya Cook is a woman that has experienced many tragic events in her life. First her brother passed away in an accident, then her husband left her, and then Tawnya was laid off. When Tawnya looks in the mirror, she sees an old lady. She is 40 years old, unemployed, single, and not sure where she's going in life.

The Swan's therapist feels that Tawnya really needs therapy and coaching to deal with these events in her life. One of the plastic surgeons on the staff feels that Tawnya looks 10 years older than she really does. The cosmetic dentist says that she sees gums when Tawnya smiles and wants to help improve that. The experts feel like this will be a challenge but will do their best to prepare Tawnya for the competition.

Cindy first has a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Haworth. He notices that Cindy has lost a lot of volume in her breasts due to nursing as well as the excess skin on her abdomen. Cindy also meets with dermatologist Dr. Debra Luftman to discuss and begin her hair removal treatment.

Tawnya also meets with her plastic surgeon. Dr. Dubrow wants to take the bump off her nose, however Tawnya doesn't want a facelift, despite the doctor's advice. Tawnya also meets with cosmetic dentist Dr. Sherri Worth to have her teeth done. The doctor wants to reduce the amount of gum tissue revealed when Tawnya smiles and makes temporary veneers to make the teeth look awesome.

Before having surgery, Cindy feels that she needs support, so she calls her family and speaks with one of her sons. On the day of surgery Cindy was about to undergo hours of surgery and most of that time will be focused on the nose. For Dr. Haworth, he feels this is one of the most difficult rhinoplasty procedures he will ever attempt. It was a grueling operation, but the doctor feels good about the procedure.

As Tawnya prepared for surgery, another shocking moment came into her life. Tawnya's daughter was in a car accident. Luckily her daughter was okay and insisted her mother continue with the Swan program. On the day of surgery, Tawnya told Dr. Dubrow she didn't want the nose surgery anymore because she feels that bump is something her and her daughters share and doesn't want that taken away. However a refinement on the tip of Tawnya's nose will still be performed. The doctor is disappointed that Tawnya backed out of the facelift and the nose surgery. However there will be less recovery during involved for Tawnya. During surgery, Dr. Dubrow performed a tummy tuck to remove excess skin and with that all stretch marks were gone and he was happy with the results.

The Swan's life coach Nely Galan was concerned about Tawnya opting out of the surgical procedures. However Tawnya feels good about the decision she made. As far as her emotional pain, therapist Dr. lanni suggests to Tawnya that she use her feelings of wanting to hit her husband and incorporate it into the program. So fitness trainer Greg Comeaux had Tawnya train on the punching bag and had her visualize her husband's face in the punching bag.

After three months, both Tawnya and Cindy were ready for their reveal. Cindy was the first to present her new appearance. The biggest issue for the experts was to take care of Tanya's witch-like appearance. Dr. Haworth was apprehensive at first about working on Cindy's nose, but thinks it turned out quite nicely. When Cindy presented herself, she felt great and beautiful before seeing herself in the mirror. When she finally saw herself in the mirror, she notices her nose and body is very thankful to all the experts. Cindy can't believe the new size of her nose and waist. Cindy can't wait until her husband sees her. She doesn't even recognize herself anymore. Dr. Haworth was proud that Cindy's nose came out so wonderfully.

Now it was Tawnya Cook's turn to reveal her new look. Dr. Dubrow would have like to have done more, but thinks Tawnya will be happy with her new appearance. Tawnya felt like she had been changed from the inside out and feels like she can take on the world. When she finally saw herself in the mirror for the first time, she loved what she saw. Tawnya thinks her daughters will flip and out and feels she can hang out with them now. Fitness trainer Greg Comeaux thinks Tawnya looks absolutely spectacular.

When it was time to decide who would move on to the competition, the judges decided that Cindy would advance to the beauty pageant. However there was a surprise for Tawnya, her daughters came to see her, as well as her parents. Tawnya's father thinks she looks more like one of his grandchildren now. Through her participation in "The Swan," Tawnya felt she had gained a lot of strength and is now a different person. She can face the world now. As for Cindy, the rest of her Swan competition was about to begin.

Cindy underwent several procedures:

For her face, she received:

Nose job
Endoscopic browlift
Mid face lift
Cheek fat removal
Fat removal under her eyes
Lip augmentation
Chin refinement
Laser Hair Removal
LASIK eye surgery
For her body:
Breast augmentation
Liposuction of inner thighs
Tummy tuck

Cindy also underwent a 1200 calorie per day diet and spent 2 hours a day at the gym. For her self-esteem, Cindy underwent weekly therapy and coaching.

Tawnya refused some plastic surgery procedures, but she did still undergo surgery.

For her face, Tawnya received:

Nose refinement
Brow lift
Fat removal under eyes
Lip Augmentation

For her body, plastic surgery included:

Tummy tuck
Liposuction in thighs, knees and buttocks
Dental work included:
Teeth whitening
Full veneers
Gum surgery
Deep periodontal cleaning

Tawnya s fitness regiment included a balanced diet and up to three hours a day at the gym working on cardio and weight training six days a week. Therapy and coaching was also a part of the program to help Tawnya work through her depression.

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