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What You Get for Cutting Corners: The Top 6 Plastic Surgery Horror Stories of the Year

Did you hear about the woman who received cement and tire sealant injections in her butt? What about the woman who can't close her eyes because of her cosmetic procedure? Read about the top plastic surgery fiascos of the year and how you can avoid surgery disaster.

Who Can You Trust Your Eyes To?

Your eyes are a delicate area that should be cared for by an experienced and qualified physician.

Learn About a Genuine Eye Opening Procedure

What makes a person photogenic? Is it purely subjective, or are there objective qualities? Although there are a few key factors that determine what a person needs to do to "improve" their look on film or in print.

New Wavefront Devices Could Mean Superior Vision for LASIK Patients

LASIK patients may be able to achieve better results with the introduction of Wavefront devices.

Not Only the Pros Profit from LASIK

Do you struggle with glasses or contact lenses when participating sports? You may be interested in learn more about LASIK surgery.

The Art of Choosing an Eye Care Specialist

Eye surgery is a delicate procedure that should be carefully researched. It is also important to learn about your physician and his/her experience.

LASIK Surgery: Things to Know

LASIK surgery should be carefully researched before scheduling your procedure. Learn more regarding the options available.

LASIK or IntacsTM - Which is right for you?

Understanding the difference between LASIK and Intacs can help you decide which procedure is right for you.

LASIK Success Depends on the Surgeon

Before undergoing LASIK surgery, patients should be well aware of the surgeon's qualifications.

Customized LASIK Procedures

If you have been hesitant of LASIK eye surgery in the past, the customized procedure may provide peace of mind knowing that it's not a "once size fits all" technique .

Blepharoplasty: The Windows to the Soul

If you are often told you look tired, angry, or sad, then you may be an ideal candidate for eyelid surgery.

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