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Young Celebs Having Just a "Little Plastic Surgery"

Have you noticed that some of your favorite celebs are looking better than ever?

The Right To Bare Arms

Sagging skin in the upper arms is a common complaint amongst women; however, through various procedures, you can achieve a more contoured appearance.

You're Going To Take My Fat and Put It Where?!

Liposuction patients may wish to learn about a combined procedure to help them attain optimal results - fat transfer can help sculpt the body to a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Buttocks are in Focus This Summer

Learn about the different techniques to augment your buttocks and gain greater confidence to wear your favorite swimsuit.

Catalog for Cosmetic Surgery Patients

Make your recovery time more comfortable by learning of the new catalog that has all you need in one place!

Body Lift: The Final Frontier in Figure Shaping

If you have been the unfortunate victim of unkind genetics and have an abundance of loose skin of the abdomen or thighs, or have lost a great deal of weight that has left a slimmer, but looser body, then body lift just might be the procedure for you.

Bad Breath? Dry Socket? Honey May Help

Research shows that honey can help patients with dental problems. Find out how this natural remedy may be of use to you.

Cosmetic Surgery Predictions for 2002

Find out what the cosmetic trends may look like in 2002.

Scientific Meeting Showcases New Clinical Techniques, Research Advances and Achievements

Learn more about the new techniques and technologies involved in dematologic surgery.

Acne Clearance Technology

Teens and adults who suffer from acne outbreaks now have a new options available to them for treatment.

Restoring Youthful Beauty Can Be as Easy as 1-2-3

If you have facial imperfections that you would like to correct, be sure to visit a dermatologic surgeon to learn of your options.

Dermatological Surgeons Develop Breakthrough Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Uneven skin pigment and other abnormalities in the skin may be treated with a new laser technique. Learn more about this treatment and contact your dermatological surgeon.

Knock Out Acne Scars with a One-Two Punch

Individuals who are left with unsightly acne scars can combine two non-invasive treatments to help achieve a smoother complexion.

Lipoplasty Safety

Risk of Death From Procedure Less Than 1 in 47,000.

American Women are Worried About the Effect of Stress on their Health

Women fear what stress is doing to their health, which is why many turn to yoga and aerobic exercise.

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