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Hollywood's Hottest at Halloween

Halloween offers the perfect opportunity for celebrities and everyday people alike to strut their stuff and show the world their best assets -- especially if those assets are brand new or a limited time accoutrement. Here’s how just a few got into the Halloween spirit.

The Fascination with Royal Breasts

The idea that a paparazzo would go through extreme and possibly illegal lengths for a few photographs is quite amazing. In case you haven’t heard, last week, while vacationing at a private estate in France, Kate was caught sunbathing topless with Prince William. Can't celebrities ever get a little privacy??

Plastic Surgery for Mother's Day the New Celebrity Fad

Plastic Surgery for Mother's Day: the New Celebrity Fad.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Secrets

Celebrities and plastic surgery go hand in hand. This new infographic explores the bad celebrity plastic surgeries, the youngest to go under the knife, and more.

6 Celebrities Who Say No to the Scalpel

Not everyone is Hollywood wants to be forever young

Bristol Palin - The Latest To Undergo Cosmetic Surgery?

Did Bristol Palin undergo cosmetic surgery or lose weight?

Young Celebs Having Just a "Little Plastic Surgery"

Have you noticed that some of your favorite celebs are looking better than ever?

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