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Plastic Surgery Makes for Entertaining Reality TV

Two hot topics right now include Reality TV and plastic surgery. Now put both topics together, and some pretty interesting entertainment will result.

The Swan - Season 2, Episode 9

It has finally arrived; the time has come for the 2nd Swan Beauty Pageant.

The Swan - Season 2, Episode 8

Amy is a 27-year-old single mother and waitress from Texas.

The Swan - Season 2, Episode 7

Sylvia is a 27-year-old accounting executive from Chicago, IL. She has been through so much. Her father left her when she was a kid.

The Swan - Season 2, Episode 6

Delisa is a 32 year old military veteran in the Army Reserve.

The Swan - Season 2, Episode 5

Cinnamon is 31 year old, single mother of four, living in Philadelphia, PA.

The Swan - Season 2, Episode 4

On tonight's episode, two sisters will be competing for a spot on "The Swan" beauty pageant.

The Swan - Season 2, Episode 3

Erica is 24 years old from La Center, Washington. Her life has been like a roller coaster and blames her boyfriend for it.

The Swan - Season 2, Episode 2

On tonight's episode of "The Swan," one woman who is hearing impaired, and the other dealing with the death of her husband, will be given a chance to become a Swan.

The Swan - Season 2, Episode 1

This is the start of a brand new season of "The Swan" as 16 more women from around the country come to Los Angeles to undergo remarkable transformations.

The Swan - Season 2

After the success of the first season, "The Swan" is back for more with new episodes premiering on Fox, Monday nights at 9/8 C.

The Swan Show - Season 1, Episode 9

It began with 16 women chosen to be part of "The Swan" program and undergo a full-life makeover.

The Swan - Season 1, Episode 8

Tanya is a 31-year-old data processor, from Olympia Washington. She is very self-conscious about her looks.

The Swan - Season 1, Episode 6

Sarina is 36 years old and from Denver, Colorado. She describes herself just as okay, not ugly, but not beautiful either.

The Swan - Season 1, Episode 7

Marnie is a 35-year-old medical assistant from Michigan. Even though she is just 35 years old, she feels like she's 60, she just looks so tired and drained.

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