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Plastic Surgery Makes for Entertaining Reality TV

Two hot topics right now include Reality TV and plastic surgery. Now put both topics together, and some pretty interesting entertainment will result.

Dr. 90210 - Season 6, Episode 8

Last week, Dr. 90210 viewers were stunned as Dr. Robert Rey and his wife Hayley fought over the family's living situation.

Dr. 90210 - Season 6, Episode 7

Dr. Robert Rey has been spending a lot more time at home with his family now that his month-in-law, Brenda, is gone.

Dr. 90210 - Season 6, Episode 6

Dr. Robert Rey is still dealing with a visiting mother-in-law, Brenda, and things have gotten even tenser in the Rey household.

Dr. 90210 - Season 6, Episode 5

It is business as usual for Dr. Robert Rey, except instead of working in the operating room, he's promoting his Shapewear's line on HSN.

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