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Remember These? Beauty Products of Yesteryear

Plato said “Necessity....the mother of invention” and creative minds have been leading the charge within the beauty industry for new products to clean, smooth, plump, perk and rejuvenate the faces and bodies of women and men. But these are the ones from long past.

Is 40 the New 30?

Age is just a number these days. Men and women are staying more active, eating healthier and feeling younger longer, and it shows. The confidence a healthier lifestyle affords means that 40 might just be the new 30. And its not just about lifestyle, it shows in the choices we’re making as well.

Cosmetic Surgery Garments Go Mainstream

As the number of cosmetic procedures performed each year rise, more and more people are using post-surgical products. Some of these products are so practical, that many continue using them and adapt them to fit their ongoing needs.

Ideal Body Measurements: Perfect Proportions [Infographic]

Women come in all shapes and sizes, and there is certainly beauty in all forms. But what body shape is the most desired, and what are the most ideal body measurements? This infographic illustrates the “perfect proportions” of today’s models and most beautiful celebrities. As you’ll see, beautiful is not one-size-fits-all.

Surviving in a First Impression World: Cosmetic Surgery for Career Advancement

Studies have confirmed that people who are more attractive receive more promotions and make three to four percent more money than those considered less attractive. As a result, we've seen a huge boom in cosmetic surgery procedures. Check out the stats here.

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