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Plastic Surgeons’ Wives: Pressured to Look Perfect?

The pressure to be perfect can be overwhelming - even if you're not the wife of a plastic surgeon. Read how these women cope with the pressure and enjoy the benefits of being a plastic surgeon's wife.

The Plastic Surgery Playlist: What Are Doctors Listening to in the OR?

Did you wake up from a plastic surgery procedure with a song stuck in your head and you weren't sure why? Maybe it was on your plastic surgeon's OR playlist. Find out what some of our doctors rock out to during surgery.

How Your Initial Consultation Can Give Insight Into the Doctor's Personality

As you consider undergoing a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, there are various factors to take into careful consideration.

The Importance of Patient/Doctor Relationships

If you are considering undergoing a cosmetic procedure, the most important factor to take into account is the doctor who will perform the procedure.

Denver Tummy Tuck

To find a tummy tuck specialist in Denver, check out the "Locate a Specialist" section here at We can help you find a Denver cosmetic surgeon that will help you achieve that abdominal figure you have always wanted.

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