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Sagging Neck Corrected with Neck Lift Surgery

If you have sagging skin the neck area, you may be an ideal candidate for neck lift surgery without undergoing facelift surgery.

Preparing for Post Surgery

Recovering from cosmetic surgery at home is made easy with a compact kit of medical supplies you'll need.

Getting Ready To Go Under The Knife

When considering plastic surgery, it is important to be prepared for the pre- and post-surgery needs.

Catalog for Cosmetic Surgery Patients

Make your recovery time more comfortable by learning of the new catalog that has all you need in one place!

Liposuction Removes Bulges Exercise and Diets Can't Take Away

You work out. You eat right. You watch your weight, but you're still not happy with the way you look in the mirror.

Eric Chopin After NBC's The Biggest Loser

If you have undergone massive weight loss and are left with excess skin, you may wish to learn more regarding body lifting procedures.

Fashion Shows for Former Cosmetic Surgery Patients

A New York plastic surgeon puts on a fashion show for his former patients as they confidently strut their new looks.

BOTOX: FDA Approves Its Use for Cosmetic Purposes

Botox is approved for the use of wrinkle reduction.

Is Beauty Essential to Making a Positive First Impression?

When a plastic surgery procedure boosts self-confidence, patients are able to portray a more pleasing first impression.

Cosmetic Surgery Predictions for 2002

Find out what the cosmetic trends may look like in 2002.

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