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Hollywood's Young Starlets - Opting for Plastic Surgery or Just Growing Up?

Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and other Hollywood starlets are under scrutiny for their changing breast sizes. Is it cosmetic surgery? Is it a padded bra? Or is it just a maturing young woman whose body is changing?

Pioneers in Plastic Surgery: Headliners

The third and final installment in our Pioneers in Plastic Surgery series highlights the people who made headlines. They all show bravery -- some by chance and some by choice.

"Gummy Bear" Sientra Implants Receive FDA Approval

Long-awaited for their resistance to leakage, low capsular contracture rate and more natural look, the "Gummy bear" implants have officially made their debut in the United States.

Boobstagram: Showing Your Breasts on the Internet is...Good?

Boobstagram a new phone application which combines Instagram style photos and breasts.

Too sexy for your…diaper?

Tiaras, makeup, and…breast padding? Young pageant contestants don some adult-like costumes to shine above the rest.

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