How to Wear Red on Cupid’s Day

Elana Pruitt

by Elana Pruitt | February 10, 2011 @ 11:00AM

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Valentine’s Day is a time to express yourself, and fashion can help you do that. I personally enjoy wearing black on a night out on the town with my sweetheart, as it gives off a chic appeal. (Not to mention that black is also quite slimming!) But I still like to incorporate red into my ensemble on cupid’s day. I enjoy brightening up a dark, monotone outfit, while evoking a sense of love. 

Incorporating red into your outfit can be easier than you may think! So as you approach the (sometimes) challenge of finding what to wear on this special day, keep these options in mind:

Shoes – This is my favorite way to include red in my wardrobe. Heels can make a grand statement when they are worn with all black or basic colors. Whether peep toe or pointy stilettos, what you wear on your feet can be fashionable and fun!

Blouses – Certain tops can be tricky because they are so close to your facial skin. But with the right shade to complement your skin tone, it can do wonders! You don’t have to wear a blouse or sweater with a big red heart on it to shout out that it’s Valentine’s Day.

Dresses – It is important to keep your size and shape in mind when shopping for the right dress. A dress with red in it, whether in a print or on the hemline, can be a subtle way to celebrate versus an overall red dress. Sometimes a solid bright shade can make you appear bigger than you really are.

Accessories – Jewelry, hats, scarves, and belts are great ways to add sassiness to your outfit. Just like shoes, you can have fun choosing the best pieces to enhance your look for the day. However, be it eccentric or classy: accessories can help to make or break an outfit.

Handbags – If you don’t feel comfortable adding red to your wardrobe on Valentine’s Day, you can always carry a red patent leather clutch or a red satchel. This allows you to put it aside and only hold onto it or wear it when you’re ready.

Jackets – With the season of winter, there is little doubt that you may need to wear a jacket or some sort of cover-up on Valentine’s Day. A red jacket can be a beautiful focal piece if it’s the right style, and doesn’t poorly take up the entire outfit.

If you are someone who prefers to wear nearly all red on Valentine’s Day, so be it – have fun! However, a subtle approach to wearing this shade on cupid’s day can keep others’ from being distracted. There is such a thing as too much red. And why would you want to take away attention from your beautiful face?

Happy shopping!

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