Cosmetic Surgery Garments Go Mainstream

Susan Anderson

by Susan Anderson | September 12, 2012 @ 11:00AM

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As the number of cosmetic procedures performed each year rise, more and more people are using post-surgical products. Some of these products are so practical, that many continue using them and adapt them to fit their ongoing needs. 


FajaAccording to the New York Times, the “faja” is a post liposuction garment originating in Colombia, one of the world’s cosmetic surgery hubs, nearly 50 years ago. Until recently, its main purpose was to control swelling and ensure that skin tightened properly following surgery. However, the girdle type device quickly grew in popularity among Latina women who desired that hourglass figure. The trend quickly spread first to African American women and then to all women. 

The faja is made of cotton, Lycra, nylon or latex and is far less forgiving than its American cousin, Spanx. Women have to go to great feats to fasten the faja but as time passes, it does get a little easier. Wearing something so tight around your midsection causes many women lose their appetites.

While the faja may give women a sexy shape, it is far from being a sexy garment. No sexy colors or patterns here, the faja is said to resemble an ace bandage or body cast.  They come in many shapes and sizes to confine some parts and leave others to jiggle. There is even a faja just for men. They range from $20 to $70 and business is booming for the South American manufacturers. 

Mineral Makeup 

mineral makeupRecommended to patients post-surgery, mineral makeup without oils, fillers, preservatives or fragrances offers flawless coverage for those with sensitive skin. Able to cover almost any imperfection, mineral makeup allows patients to return to their daily lives with ease and confidence after minimally invasive procedures. 

Mineral makeup has had a mainstream following for several years thanks to its light feel and natural coverage. There is much debate whether the claims of mineral products being “healthy’ are reality or hype, but one thing is true: many women swear by the products. Sales of mineral makeup from prestige brands have been as high as $195 million (6% of the cosmetic market) in the U.S. according to market research group NPD. Popular mineral makeup brands are bareMinerals (Bare Escentuals), Everyday Minerals and Pür Minerals and generally sell for around $30 for the foundation. 

Compression/Recovery Garments

Compression garmentPro athletes are serious about maximizing their training finding that edge in competition. And those in search of safe and legal methods are turning to compression garments to speed up recovery time after an intense workout. It’s no secret that compression garments facilitate the circulatory system by promoting blood flow throughout the extremities and it was only a matter of time before world-class athletes took notice.

The first to adapt to the trend were endurance athletes such as cyclists and triathletes who have been experimenting with the product for several years. Reviews are generally positive and companies such as Under Armour have entered the game and launches their own lines of the compression wear. Available as socks, tights, leggings, calf sleeves and arm sleeves, you can target your body part of choice. They range from about $20 to $50 and are available for purchase online. 


Linder braLinder Products was created by Dr. Stuart Linder, a leading, internationally recognized Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. A specialist in breast augmentation and body sculpting, Dr. Linder developed the LinderBra after recognizing there were no suitable undergarments he felt he could recommend to his patients following their procedures. Resembling a sports bra, the LinderBra, was quickly adopted into use by his patients, not only for postoperative use but for daily life. Used now as a sports bra, sleeping bra, maternity bra and for everyday use, the LinderBra is worn by thousands of women and is now available for purchase to the general public for around $50. 


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