It’s the New Year: What Does Your Wardrobe Say About You?

Elana Pruitt

by Elana Pruitt | January 27, 2011 @ 04:00PM

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It’s easy to overlook the significance of fashion – easier than most people think. But why is this? OK, here we go...

What we wear plays a crucial role in communicating who we are. It can be a deterrent to others or it can be inviting. If you are reading this article, it is likely that you prefer the latter. I have been rooted in fashion my whole life, having a passion for wearing fun colors, bold prints, and a variety of fabrics. I enjoy my story being told through the pieces I choose to wear. Whether or not someone can fully read me by simply checkin’ out my green heels or my leather black biker jacket, I am conscious that my appearance says something about me. I’m fun? I’m creative? Someone may assume the music I listen to, the stores I shop, and where I live…just by looking at what’s on my body and what’s on my feet.

What does your wardrobe say about you?

The biggest reason why the importance of fashion can be overlooked is because it isn’t always regarded as such: important. But it is crucial to presenting yourself in a positive light – personally, socially, and professionally. With all of the goals we have this year, in 2011, how many of you are striving to work on your wardrobe? Even with all of the “how to” fashion television shows on such networks as E!, the Style channel, and Bravo, the drive to dress to impress flies out the window for most people. And there are two main reasons for this; either laziness or cluelessness takes over. Or both. So I thought I’d help out a bit and provide some tips on how to take baby steps toward building your confidence and maintaining a proud image.

Top 5 (Simple!) Styling Tips:

  1. Become BFFs with your iron: Wrinkled shirts, pants, dresses, skirts…why? Take an extra 10 minutes for a fresh, crisp look. You don’t want others to imagine that your clothes have been sitting at the bottom of the hamper or piled up in the corner the night before. (Or, toss it in the dryer for a few minutes and…voila!)
  2. Show some class: Whether you have naturally large breasts or are proud of your breast implants, you don’t have to show off all of your assets (especially in the workplace) overtly. Remember, every outfit you wear tells a story. What do you want yours to say?
  3. Match – don’t clash: Unless it’s a widely acknowledged trend (not just on the runway), try to stay within complementary color schemes. Hence: pairing up a polka dot skirt with a floral blouse could be a distracting combo. Having someone give you the look up and down the entire time you’re talking should not always be taken as a compliment.
  4. Get Comfy and Cozy: It’s winter time! So wearing UGG boots and your thick, thermal jacket is definitely seasonally appropriate. In the Springtime or Summer, on the other hand, you may come across as though you’re trying a little toooo hard to make a statement. Even if you love certain pieces, they aren’t always the right ones to wear as seasons change.
  5. Hairstyling is fashion too: Whether you have a chic bob or long, luscious locks, how you style your hair can definitely impact your overall look for the day. Just be sure to know where you are, who you’re around, and what actually frames your face nicely. Just as clashing clothes can be distracting, so can the wrong hairdo.

Men, as well, should be aware of how they dress. They don’t have to conform to a certain style, but you can still play with color, trends, and be conscious of the fit of their clothing. Whether in the lady department or in the office, attention men: Fierce fashion can give you a sense of self-confidence too.

Make it a great year by using fashion as the vehicle to showing your true colors.

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