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by | October 13, 2010 @ 01:00PM

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North Carolina Doctor List

Raleigh has many specialists to help you with a painful disorder that few people know about called TMJ. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. It affects the jaw joint which is responsible for such important activities like chewing, swallowing, talking, and even making facial expressions. The National Institutes of Health estimates about 10 million Americans suffer from TMJ disorders.


If you suspect you have this problem, you should immediately see a doctor in Raleigh for an examination. There are two types of TMJ, myofascial which affects the muscles and internal derangement of joint where the disk that cushions the jaw and lower skull is displaced.

Some symptoms of TMJ are swelling, uncomfortable bite, ear pain, inability to open mouth and others. TMJ is difficult to diagnose because the symptoms are similar to other medical problems like sinus infection, ear infection, tooth decay, migraine headaches and facial neuralgia. Your Raleigh physician will try to rule out these possibilities one by one. An X-ray or MRI can also be used to examine the jaw in addition to a physical examination by your doctor.

Cost of TMJ Treatment

As every patient is unique and displays his/her own symptoms, the final cost of the treatment will vary based on which technique(s) is used. A more accurate estimate of your fees can be discussed during a consultation.

We can help you find a qualified doctor for TMJ. We have information on specialists in Raleigh as well as links to their websites, education credentials and contact details. Let us help you find an experienced doctor.

Find a TMJ specialist in Raleigh today.


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