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by | October 8, 2010 @ 11:00AM

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It is quite common to meet individuals who require some kind of corrective lenses. Many individuals wear contact lenses or glasses to have clearer, more precise vision. However, if you are tired of having to get new glasses and/or contacts every year, you may be interested in laser eye surgery. Procedures such as Lasik eye surgery have made their way into the field, offering patients a less invasive and quicker surgery. A Boston laser eye surgery professional can help you attain better vision with this procedure. 

Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery procedures have offered an alternative to vision correction that many people have taken advantage of. In most cases, it would eliminate the use of glasses and contact lenses. Laser eye surgery is a procedure that uses lasers to reshape the cornea of the eye. A more common laser eye surgery that is used is called Lasik eye surgery. In a laser eye surgery, the doctor will use an automated device, called a microkeratome, to create a thin flap in the outer layer of the cornea. The laser will then be used to reshape the exposed layer of the cornea and finally, the flap is realigned. If you are one of the many people in Boston who deals with contacts or glasses on a daily basis, you may be a good candidate for laser eye surgery.

In addition, be sure to ask of alternative procedures to help meet your needs. As each patient has unique goals, it is important that you receive a personalized treatment plan. A qualified Boston eye specialist can provide more information regarding your options during an initial consultation.

How much does Lasik eye surgery cost?

As each patient has unique needs, the best way to determine an estimate of your final cost can be discussed during your visit.

Whatever your vision problem may be, it is important to research the procedures, as well as the risks and benefits, of laser eye surgery. Find a Laser Eye Surgery specialist in Boston today.

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