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by | October 7, 2010 @ 11:00AM

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A breast lift, or a "mastopexy," is a surgical procedure designed to raise a woman's sagging breasts, reshape them by removing excess skin, and then reposition the remaining tissue. Some of the potential risks associated with breast lift surgery may be wide scars, unevenly positioned nipples, and/or loss of feeling in breasts and nipples.

Options in Breast Lift Surgery

Based on the amount of sagging and your desired results, your surgeon will recommend the most appropriate breast lift technique. The most commonly used incisions include around the areola, down the breast and underneath the breast (anchor incision); or simply around the nipple (concentric doughnut incision). Your surgeon will remove excess skin, lift the breast to a more youthful position, and reposition the nipple if necessary. You may anticipate a more proportional appearance and even a boost in self esteem.

Post-surgery, patients will wear a supportive bra to help the breasts adjust to their new shape and size. Instructions provided by your surgeon should be followed meticulously in order to ensure a healthy recovery.

In some circumstances, breast augmentation may be combined with a lift in order to achieve optimal results. If you have minimal sagging present, breast implants alone be sufficient to provide an ideal outcome. The most beneficial technique will be discussed during your consultation.

How much does breast lift surgery cost?

The national average cost of breast lift is $4,414. Patients should be sure to note that this does not include the anesthesia or surgery center fee. A more accurate estimate of final cost can be obtained during a consultation with a Boise breast lift surgeon.

If you are ready to learn more regarding this procedure, as well other cosmetic surgery procedures that may help you achieve optimal results, let us help you. You can find a Boise plastic surgeon by browsing our site and even set up an appointment.


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