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Teenage Plastic Surgery: Minor Adjustments - Kids and Cosmetic Surgery, a Nick News Special

In a recent Nick News special, Linda Ellerbee explores the growing trend of teenage cosmetic surgery.

Growing Up at 15: The Story of a Teenage Breast Cancer Survivor

While most 15 year olds are worried about Homecoming dresses, Sarah was fighting for her life.

Do Breast Implants Get in the Way of a Mammogram?

Breast augmentation is a life changing surgery, but breast cancer is a life changing disease. Before you consider breast implants, learn more about how implants can impact mammograms.

Breast Implants Save Lives – No Really, They Do!

Breast Implants – Today’s silent heroes!

Plastic Surgery for the High School Grad

A new, disturbing trend in high school grads wanting plastic surgery as their graduation gift

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow – Removing Breast Implants

No more overly large breasts for these ladies as they opt to for a more natural-looking breast contour.

Too sexy for your…diaper?

Tiaras, makeup, and…breast padding? Young pageant contestants don some adult-like costumes to shine above the rest.

Plastic Surgery For Cancer Patients

Plastic surgery is not just about looking better, it can be a great benefit for cancer patients as well.

Britney Spears Wants a Boob Job!

After years of battling plastic surgery rumors, Britney Spears may be seriously considering breast surgery now.

Don't Be A Moob: Good Habits to Prevent Gynecomastia

The possibility of developing gynecomastia (enlarged male breasts) is a concern for men from all walks of life. Learn what steps you can take to help prevent gynecomastia.

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