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The Swan - Season 2, Episode 7

Sylvia is a 27-year-old accounting executive from Chicago, IL. She has been through so much. Her father left her when she was a kid.

The Swan - Season 2, Episode 6

Delisa is a 32 year old military veteran in the Army Reserve.

The Swan - Season 2, Episode 4

On tonight's episode, two sisters will be competing for a spot on "The Swan" beauty pageant.

The Swan - Season 2, Episode 3

Erica is 24 years old from La Center, Washington. Her life has been like a roller coaster and blames her boyfriend for it.

The Swan - Season 2, Episode 2

On tonight's episode of "The Swan," one woman who is hearing impaired, and the other dealing with the death of her husband, will be given a chance to become a Swan.

The Swan - Season 2, Episode 1

This is the start of a brand new season of "The Swan" as 16 more women from around the country come to Los Angeles to undergo remarkable transformations.

The Swan Show - Season 1, Episode 9

It began with 16 women chosen to be part of "The Swan" program and undergo a full-life makeover.

The Swan - Season 1, Episode 8

Tanya is a 31-year-old data processor, from Olympia Washington. She is very self-conscious about her looks.

The Swan - Season 1, Episode 7

Marnie is a 35-year-old medical assistant from Michigan. Even though she is just 35 years old, she feels like she's 60, she just looks so tired and drained.

The Swan - Season 1, Episode 5

On this week's episode, Belinda, a 27-year-old former model and single mother from Las Vegas, Nevada and Andrea, a 29-year-old single mother from Westminster, Colorado, will both undergo a full body makeover for 3 months.

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