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Do You Like to Get Naked or Nekkid

The definition and differences between Naked, Nekkid and Nude.

Plastic Surgery for Mother's Day the New Celebrity Fad

Plastic Surgery for Mother's Day: the New Celebrity Fad.

More African Americans, Indians and Armenians Getting Plastic Surgery

No longer is plastic surgery just for the rich white men and women, those from varied cultural backgrounds are increasingly more interested in cosmetic enhancements.

Teenage Plastic Surgery: Minor Adjustments - Kids and Cosmetic Surgery, a Nick News Special

In a recent Nick News special, Linda Ellerbee explores the growing trend of teenage cosmetic surgery.

Liposuction Methods, Pros and Cons of Liposuction Techniques

There are numerous liposuction methods that can be safely performed. The pros and cons of liposuction techniques are discussed in this article.

Childhood Obesity: Are You Adding to the Problem?

Obesity in America can be â??curedâ? by helping decrease childhood obesity through healthy eating habits.

What are my Options? I Want a Butt Makeover!

Looking for a butt makeover? Learn about the difference between butt implants and butt augmentation and the benefits of each.

Vegas Buttocks Enhancement Patient Killed By Anesthesia

Autopsy finds that Las Vegas buttocks enhancement patient Elena Caro died from an allergic reaction to anesthetsia.

Obesity and Plastic Surgery

Obesity is on the rise and causing more individuals to consider their options with cosmetic plastic surgery.

Kim Kardashian Disproves Plastic Surgery Rumors...Or Did She?

Kim Kardashian has proven that she does not have butt implants in thanks to an x-ray, but does she disprove plastic surgery completely?

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