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Wendy's Whiter Teeth

My Decision
Almost everyone in my family has had their teeth whitened. I felt that my teeth could be whiter so I decided to give it a try. My father's best friend is a dentist and had done the whitening on other members of my family so I went to him to have the procedure done.

My Consultation
My consultation went very well. The Dentist did a color test on my teeth to make sure there was room to improve. There was, so he told me I would be a good candidate to bleach my teeth. Some of the questions that I had in my initial consultation were; how much whiter will my teeth get? Will the bleach make them sensitive? What do I do if they become too sensitive? The Dentist told me that my teeth should go 2 to 3 shades whiter, but each person and their teeth are different, so my results would vary. He also said that the bleach could make my teeth sensitive, and if it became too uncomfortable, to bleach every other night until all the gel was gone, which was about 10 days.

My Procedure
I went into the dentist office and they made molds of my teeth. From those molds they would make the trays. I came back a few days later to pick up the trays once they were completed, but before I could take them home my dentist wanted to make sure that they fit correctly. Once everything looked okay then I was given instructions as to how to use the bleach. The Dentist showed me how to put the bleaching gel in the trays and how much to use each evening. He also said that there was enough gel to bleach my teeth for ten days. The trays were not very comfortable to wear and sometimes the gel would leak into my mouth, which would cause me to swallow it. I was told to not be concerned about swallowing the bleach because it would not hurt me but it tasted bad.

The Weeks After
My teeth became very sensitive after using the gel for only 3 nights, so I began to use the bleach every other night instead of every night like my dentist told me, and it seemed to help. It took a couple of months before my tooth sensitivity was completely back to normal. I was also very surprised to see that my teeth had whitened a significant amount after only 2 days. I could hardly wait to see the results after using the bleach for 10 days! When I had completed the process I couldn't believe how white my teeth looked, and for months afterward people I didn't even know were commenting on how white they looked.

Almost 5 years later, I am very pleased with the color of my teeth. I did use the bleach again four years later, but only for 2 nights. I felt that they needed a little touch up, which was okayed by my dentist. One concern I have that I found out after I had bleached my teeth, was that my dentist did not tell me that you can bleach your teeth too much. My sister bleached her teeth with the same product I used and she didn't like the color they ended up being, so she kept using the bleach after day 10 thinking that each extra day she bleached, the whiter they would become. Well, her teeth are now gray because she bleached all of the pigment out of them. The damage she did cannot be reversed.

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