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Quick Vision Correction in Boston

Been wearing glasses since 5th grade ('61) for myopia and astigmatism.

Not severely bad, but bad enough so that correction was required to obtain a driver's license, once I was old enough to drive.

After several years of hearing wondrous stories from friends/associates undergoing procedures such as RK and LASIK, I decided to research LASIK for myself.

Because I work for a company that has medical insurance that will pick up half the $3200 fee, I opted for the procedure. I'm told there are less expensive clinics in the area, but the one I chose has a top-notch reputation, and free follow-up on treatment for a year after the surgery.

Last Wednesday (12/4/02), after work, I arrived at the laser surgery suite, located in the town where I live. I had taken a prescribed valium (they know most prospective patients are inclined to be a tad skittish), and was accompanied by my significant other, who agreed to drive me home. The procedure lasted approx. 35 minutes to treat both eyes.

Discomfort during the procedure was moderate, but very short-lived. Then straight home to bed, where I was directed to wear plastic eye shields to prevent rubbing my eyes in my sleep (a real 'no-no' during initial healing).

The next day I was up at 4:30 to head into work (to beat the horrendous Boston area Commuter traffic). My right eye was doing very well. The left one, fairly blurry. Both eyes were a little scratchy, but moisterizer, antibiotic and corticosteroid drops helped keep them lubed and healthy during the recovery.

Last Friday (12/6/02), Dr. Wingate checked my eyes. My right eye was 20/15! My left eye was lagging far behind. Dr. Wingate suggested that this is not uncommon, and that I could reasonably expect it to improve, as the eye healed.

It's now Monday (12/9/02), and I'm delighted to report that my left eye has almost entirely corrected itself. No more blurriness.

Can't wait to see what this Friday's second exam will show.

I may end up 20/15 in both eyes.

More amazingly, my 'close-in' reading ability has improved over the weekend, and I may not need the reading glasses I've ordered.

In the words of Paul Simon "...these are the days of miracles and wonder..."

*If you would like more information on Charles' procedure, you may contact him at 

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