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“My body was ruined” Valerie's Breast Augmentation & Tummy Tuck

My Doctor:

George Alexander
Las Vegas, NV
Specialty: Plastic Surgery

Having children has been a blessing for Valerie; however, she became unhappy with the way her body changed after having three children, especially due to the fact that she was unable to wear the clothes she wanted. Pre-pregnancy, Valerie was trim – 120 pounds at 5’6”. Then the fluctuation of her weight with pregnancy (she gained about 100 pounds with each child and lost the weight after) took a toll on her breasts and midsection. “My body was ruined,” states Valerie, which is why she decided to look into her options with cosmetic plastic surgery.

These up-and-down weight changes caused her breasts and abdomen to lose elasticity and consequently sag. The skin surrounding her abdomen also began to hang loose. For these reasons, Valerie decided that she wanted to undergo breast augmentation, as well as tummy tuck surgery. After carefully considering her options and researching cosmetic plastic surgeons, she chose to schedule her procedures with Dr. George Alexander. “I chose Dr. Alexander for two reasons – my brother-in-law is an OB/GYN and he sends his patients to Dr. Alexander; also, my husband worked with a judge who had worked with the doctor when he served as the ringside physician for boxing. They both had great things to say about him.” Valerie was happy to meet with a surgeon who did not try to “sell” her on any other unnecessary procedures; she appreciated his honesty.

Valerie underwent breast augmentation and tummy tuck surgery in September of 2004. During surgery, saline implants were placed beneath the muscle through incisions made in the breast crease, and an abdominoplasty incision was made in the lower abdomen from hipbone to hipbone. The procedures took five hours to complete. Post-surgery, Valerie was unfortunately ill from the anesthesia, a potential side effect that some patients suffer from after their procedure. However, she states that her doctor and his staff were very caring throughout the entire process. Because Dr. Alexander believes in a slow recovery, Valerie rested approximately 10 weeks to three months in order to allow her body to heal properly. She listened to and followed every instruction provided by her doctor and says that it definitely paid off. Her scars are pencil thin and she is very happy with her results.

Unfortunately, six years after her primary breast enhancement, Valerie noticed that one of her breasts was decreasing in size. She went back to Dr. Alexander, who confirmed a valve leak and scheduled her for a revision surgery in November of 2010. Her recovery this time around was only six weeks. “These things happen and it was by no means Dr. Alexander’s fault. He is a very trustworthy surgeon and I plan to return when the time comes for a facelift.”

Since her first surgeries, Valerie has referred several patients to her surgeon’s office – four of which have already undergone surgery. She is very pleased with her results and enjoys being able to wear low-waist jeans without worrying about overhanging skin.

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