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Taking the LASIK Plunge

Midway through the third grade I needed glasses.  Of course, I never wore them in class. I never let anyone know I had glasses; they were much too ugly. I figured that by the time summer ended and school resumed everyone would just assume I had always worn glasses. I hoped they would have forgotten and think I was my usual cute self. That pretty much sums up my vanity when it came to wearing glasses.

By age 15, my family finally gave into my pleading for contact lenses. They have been a part of me for what seems like forever. Thanks to contacts, I have had many different colors of eyes, brown, blue, violet and a color that no one has really been able to identify.

I have been thinking about Lasik eye surgery for some time. So long that I'm certain that at the local eye surgeons convention my name has come up as the most annoying patient-to-be who still hasn't put down a dollar. But I finally decided to take the plunge.

My husband accompanied me to the laser center where the doctor quickly rechecked all of my eye measurements and then I was ready. I was still shaking and my heart was beating faster than I could count. I lied down in what seemed like a very comfortable dentist's chair (but with more lounge built in). They covered me with a toasty blanket and handed me - I'm embarrassed to admit this - but a little teddy bear that made my heart sing.

The nurse said, "Oh that's nice that your husband brought you here. He can stay in the room if you'd like."

"My husband is in the bathroom throwing up, but he'll be done by the time he has to drive me home. A childhood eye trauma, you see," I said.

One word of caution ladies: be very careful about your make-up a few days before the procedure. I had a lot of burning and they had to spend a few minutes just trying to flush out my eye.

They taped one eye open and put the ring on it. There is a little pressure and bit of darkness, but not too uncomfortable. Another minute and the flap was cut. Then they removed the ring and I was instructed to stare at the red blinking light for 12 seconds. After a lot of encouragement from the doctor that I was doing perfect... it was over. The other eye was next and exactly the same with the exception of the pressure from the ring being a little more uncomfortable, but not terrible. Fifteen seconds of laser for the second eye. I was then handed my new fashionable black plastic goggles and it was time to go home. They wouldn't let me keep the teddy bear, but all in all the procedure was much easier than I had expected.

I did as I was told and went home and took a three-hour nap. When I woke up I ran to the window. It was a miracle, I could see across the street!

A day after the surgery, it felt like I was looking through Vaseline. My eyes burned a little and felt like there was an eyelash stuck in the corner of one eye. A few drops of "Tears" relieved this discomfort.

After day three, my vision during the day was very good. I could see as well as I had wearing contact lenses. In darkness, my vision became blurry and I saw the light halo's I had often heard described.

Although my eyes do not feel dry, they do feel itchy. Therefore, I continue to use the eye drops. My vision was 20-25 in each eye the morning after the surgery. I was hoping for more monovision, but the doctor said change would continue over time.

My golf game is good, but my depth perception may not have changed, unfortunately I still putt a couple of inches to the left. All in all, I am thrilled to be rid of my contacts. 

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