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Smoother Skin, Cindy

My Decision
I wanted to reverse the signs of aging. My doctor recommended laser skin resurfacing. The results I wanted were to have my eyelid fullness diminished and the texture of the rest of my skin to be smoother.

My Consultation
I meet with the doctor about a week before the procedure. I was concerned that for some reason my skin would look worse or be more environmentally unsound from the procedure. The doctor reassured me that I would not have any problems. The Doctor allowed me to come into the operating room the week before to see him perform laser resurfacing on one of his patients. I felt secure in his techniques.

My Procedure
I had the procedure done in November of 1998. It was performed in an operating room that was located in the doctor's office. The doctor gave me a local anesthetic. The entire procedure took about 2 hours. I had from my jaw line to my hairline resurfaced. The procedure was uncomfortable, but not unbearably painful. After the procedure was over I had my husband drive me home.

The Weeks After
The healing process was not very long. The worst part was the mask I had to wear for the first few days. After 7 days I was able to go back to work with makeup on.

After two years I am still very pleased with the results and am happy I did it. After I had the procedure done, two of my friends had resurfacing done and both of them have sensitive skin with some red in their complexion. They both have been extremely unhappy because the healing time was very long. Also 2 years later you can still see the lines between where it was done and not done. Neither one of them was advised of possible problems with the laser skin resurfacing if you have sensitive and fair skin.

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