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Rhinoplasty, The Best Thing I Ever Did, Heidi

I disliked the shape and size of my nose ever since my early teens. I always knew that I'd get a nose job but it was only a matter of time and money. The most important thing to me was choosing the right doctor, so I took my time. I knew that I could live with my nose for the time being; it wasn't a noticeably big nose.

In college, my friend and I met a classmate with a beautiful nose. The classmate showed me an old picture of her and I saw a dramatic difference. She recommended her doctor and said that she had 6 family members who used him and they all had perfect noses; each nose was unique and suitable to each face. The rhinoplasty didn't alter their faces, but merely enhanced them. The doctor kept the shape and only decreased the overall size or a specific area of the nose.

My friend eventually had her nose done and it was beautiful. I was convinced that this was the doctor I was going to use. A few months later I had a consultation with the plastic surgeon. He sat me in front of the 3-way mirror and asked me questions, Tell me what you don't like about your nose. I pointed to each area. I said, It's too wide here and a bit too long there and I'd like this small bump removed. He said He would take some fat out of the tip and lift it up. I was confident that not only was he a good doctor, but an artist. I didn't want to tell him how thick or thin or long each part of my nose needed to be because I didn't want to interfere with his own judgment.

The big day came and when I look back I am so thankful I had the surgery. It was very simple and painless. The surgery took place in his office. I sat in a comfortable chair in his consult room and the nurse gave me some pills. The pills had me relaxed and drowsy. 15 minutes later I was in the surgery room with an I.V. and I was out. I didn't feel any pain. I only felt a few seconds of slight pressure and a tiny bit of vibration. I was actually asleep under a local anesthesia, so the whole thing felt like a dream. The doctor didn't break the nose, but used his own technique to reshape the bone and cartilage. The surgery itself only took 5-7 minutes. I woke up three hours later from the anesthesia and my father walked me to the car and I went home.

Of course I was very tired and my nose was wrapped in a bandage and I had a dressing to cover my nostrils which I would change from time to time. I couldn't blow my nose for a day or two and my nose felt stuffed. There was still no pain, but I had 2 black eyes. Both of my friends who used the same doctor didn't have black eyes; it all depends on each individual's tendency to bruise. I was dying to see my nose, but all I could see was the tip. A few days of rest and I was back at school. The bandage was removed a week after the surgery.

When I first saw my nose I was unsure about the way it looked. The doctor said that it was still very swollen and that it would take time before I could actually see what it truly looked like. Within another week I loved my nose! I was a new person. With my nose smaller, it brought out my eyes and enhanced all of my other features. My looks changed dramatically and so did my confidence and self-esteem. The nice thing was I still looked like me and it still looked like my nose, only small the way I like it. It was the best thing I ever did.

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