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Allison's Post Pregnancy Breasts

Babies are indeed little miracles, but an even bigger miracle is often needed to correct the havoc they wreak on a woman's breasts. At least that's what Allison believed after the birth of her daughter. "I'd tried everything - skin firming creams, exercise, push up bras - but nothing worked," she says.

Like most women, Allison had enjoyed larger breasts during her pregnancy when she gained weight. An avid exerciser, she shed the extra weight after the birth of her baby. But when she shed the pounds, her breasts went with them. "I'd never really had full breasts anyway, even though I wore a C cup," she says, "But when I lost the pregnancy weight, my breasts got smaller and droopier." This was a source of constant embarrassment for Allison who resorted to hiding under bulky tops after many failed attempts to sculpt her shrunken size A cup breasts naturally.

It would be several years before Allison made the decision that would change her looks and her outlook forever. She continued to exercise with no obvious results on her breasts, endured bras so padded they could serve as flotation devices, and continued to swaddle her upper body. But finally, after realizing that there is just no way to fix drooping breasts with exercise and camouflage, she gathered the courage she needed to make a change. After all, how long could she hide under layers of clothing?

First things first - get informed

The first thing Allison did when considering breast augmentation was to gather all the information she could get her hands on. "I wanted to learn what my options were, as well as what complications I might face during and after the surgery," she says, "so I read articles, searched the Internet and talked to other people who'd had breast surgery." Some answers she sought were:

  • What are the risks of breast augmentation? Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure and, as such, does pose certain risks and complications. Women considering any type of surgery should discuss procedures, in detail, with their surgeons. Allison was most concerned about the safety of today's widely used saline implants in the event of a rupture. After discussing her concerns with Dr. Grant Stevens, her surgeon, she learned that saline implants are safe. They consist of the same solution commonly used to administer IV treatments.
  • What type of implant is right for me? Allison wanted a look that was proportionate to her petite size. "I'm only 5'2", so I didn't want breasts that were too large for me," she says. Dr. Stevens assisted Allison in choosing the size and shape most appropriate for her. Afterwards, he performed a circum-areolar (donut) mastopexy with augmentation, inserting the saline implants behind Allison's chest muscles for enhanced comfort.
  • How will implants affect my breast health? It is critical that women routinely examine their breasts for early detection of breast cancer. Dr. Stevens assured Allison that, because her implants are located behind the chest muscles, mammo- grams would not be hindered. In addition, Eklund scans performed during a mammogram assure that breast tissue can be examined behind and around the implant. The FDA has found no evidence that breast implants increase the risk of breast cancer or any other condition.

Build a support system

Before finalizing her decision to enhance her breasts, Allison discussed her feelings, her research findings and her aftercare needs with her family, her husband and her closest friends. Family and friends can be an excellent source of encouragement in the time leading up to the procedure. And most patients will require some assistance in the few weeks following augmentation surgery. "I needed help raising myself to go back and forth to the bathroom," says Allison, who tends to become nauseous after surgical procedures.

Select your surgeon carefully

Allison's confidence in having the breast augmentation was underscored by her trust in her surgeon. He carefully examined Allison, explained the procedure for her and assisted her in choosing the look that was right for her. Allison stresses that lower cost is not always the way to go when choosing a surgeon. "When someone is performing a procedure on your body, it is important to make sure you get the best possible care that you can," she says. She recommends that you diligently research the surgeons you are considering, ask to see samples of their work, and speak with other clients if possible.

Be patient during recovery

Although breast augmentation usually requires about a week of rest, there's really no way to prepare for recovery since everyone heals differently. Some feel they are ready to get back into the swing of things within the week, while others require several weeks before they feel completely normal. No matter what your speed, Allison suggests that you give yourself adequate time to recover. "The longer you can give yourself, the more comfort- able you will be," she says. She also swears by the use of at least four ice packs during recovery - "one for each breast and two in the freezer," she laughs.

Expect beautiful results

Allison readily admits that her new breasts took some getting used to, but now they feel as if they have always been there. Best of all, Allison is no longer hiding under baggy tops. When she wants, she now has the confidence to show a little cleavage and, with her new breasts, she does it beautifully.

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