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Frances' New Smile with Veneers

My name is Frances and I am close to 60 years old. Looking in the mirror each morning was a reminder of more than 8 years of orthodontics I had as a teenager that ended in a less than satisfactory result. The gaps on my front teeth that were supposed to be closed with the braces were still there. I'm retired and thought, whom do I have to impress now? Well, here it is several years later, and my dentist told me about a procedure that he could do called veneers that would give me a beautiful smile. Dr. David Frey, my dentist, told me he could get rid of the gaps and make them whiter at the same time. The color of my teeth was another thing I was unhappy about and I was thrilled to know there was something that could be done.

Dr. Frey asked me what my expectations were. We talked about them so that we both knew what was expected, and what could be delivered. It took two appointments to complete the treatment. In the first appointment, Dr. Frey used a wonderful new device to deliver the anesthetic. I didn't feel a thing as he numbed my upper teeth. Since I've had some teeth extracted for the orthodontics, I have 12 teeth in my upper arch and he did veneers on all of them. Dr. Frey prepared my teeth for the veneers and re-contoured my gum tissue that was really uneven. Then he took an impression and made some temporary veneers that I could wear until the real ones were constructed in the lab. I was glad that I did not have to go for a whole week with my teeth cut down for the veneers.

After one week, I went back in for the second appointment for Dr. Frey to place the veneers. He took off the temporaries, cleaned my teeth, and cemented the new veneers. They are so beautiful and catch the light better than my natural teeth. Now I look in the mirror and ask myself why did I wait so long to do this! I look good and feel better. My smile gives me incentive to get up and go and I smile no matter what. Even though they were different, I was used to them the first day and have never had a problem talking or chewing with the new veneers. They are what my teeth should have been.

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