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"Why Not Touch It Up If You Can?" Elease's Mommy Makeover

My Doctor:

Leonard Hochstein
Miami, FL
Specialty: Plastic Surgery

Dr. Hochstein, Mommy MakeoverFor more than 20 years, Elease’s priority was in raising her son and ensuring a bright future for him. After he graduated school and was on his way to becoming an independent young man, Elease started to think about what she “wanted to do when she grew up.” This is when she began working out and health and fitness became a priority. However, stubborn sagging skin and excess fat deposits in her abdomen and hips were ever-present, no matter how much she dieted or exercised.

Then, as a result of her commitment to consistent regular exercise, Elease asked herself, “Why not touch it up if you can?” This began her search for a qualified, experienced, and compassionate plastic surgeon. Yet, her fear of complications with surgery held her back from actively finding one. In addition, her old c-section procedure had left her with a long vertical scar in her abdomen, and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to trade that in for another equally long scar in her lower abdomen; she was considering a tummy tuck.

Five years after that, and approximately four visits to different plastic surgeons, Elease decided to visit Dr. Leonard M. Hochstein of Miami, Florida. A friend of Elease’s underwent surgery with Dr. Hochstein and shared her story to help Elease understand the process. After seeing how well her friend’s scars were healing and learning about the caring staff and doctor, Elease scheduled her appointment and soon after, her surgery.

Dr. Hochstein, Mommy MakeoverOn November 19, 2010, she underwent a breast lift with augmentation, tummy tuck surgery, and liposuction – a combination of procedures often termed a “Mommy Makeover.” Elease had all of her procedures done in one day and by 8:30 p.m. that night she was resting in the comfort of her own home. A friend of hers stayed with her for seven days, which was a great help when she needed to get up, walk, shower, or to go to the bathroom. Everyone, she says, should be sure to have someone there to help during the first few days after surgery.

Her breast lift and augmentation were performed through an inverted-T incision; Dr. Hochstein placed silicone gel filled breast implants under the breast muscle. The tummy tuck procedure helped reduce the appearance of bulging in her abdomen, while liposuction of her hips, inner/outer thighs, and buttocks provided a more slender contour. Now, about eight weeks after her procedures, Elease says she feels “awesome” even though she is still experiencing some swelling in her abdomen and breasts. “I don’t want to do any scrutinizing before everything has settled,” she says. However, six weeks after her surgery she enjoyed dinner out with friends and noticed that there was no longer a “muffin top” present when she sat down.

As Elease continues to heal (while following all of Dr. Hochstein’s instructions for her recovery), she expresses interest in further liposuction of her thighs and buttock area. Because there is a limit to how much fat can be removed during one procedure, Elease would like to go back for additional contouring. (Reducing the appearance of stretch marks on her hips is next on her list.) As for the big question: Was plastic surgery worth it all? It was “worth every dime,” she says.

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