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Nursing Took A Toll On Her: Mariah's Breast Augmentation

My Doctor:

Stuart Linder
Beverly Hills, CA
Specialty: Plastic Surgery

When it comes down to it, the joy from having children rarely equates with a woman feeling joyous about her post-pregnancy body. Mariah is one such woman who can relate to this sentiment. This past September, Mariah underwent breast augmentation to regain the volume that was lost after multiple childbirths. She just wanted to feel like herself again.

Throughout the years of giving birth to three children – ages now 1, 3, and 5 – Mariah couldn’t help but notice that her breasts weren’t what they used to be: voluminous and youthful-looking. Nursing took a toll on her breasts, and the change was not something that Mariah was comfortable with. Originally, before giving birth, she was a full C – a size she was always proud of. But afterwards, she says her breasts “were like deflated water balloons.”

So this 29-year old from Rancho Cucamonga woman sought the help and guidance of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Stuart Linder. Her decision to visit him for consultation, ultimately deciding that he was the right doctor for her breast augmentation procedure, was one that she is happy about. “I liked him. He was upfront and honest,” she said, also admitting that he appeared very confident.

During this time, she learned that she had “pseudoptosis.” This is a form of “ptosis” (skin laxity), in which the “nipple areola complex” is positioned above the breast crease (a normal position), but the skin that is between the nipple areola complex and the breast crease is looser and has lost its elasticity. To help treat Mariah’s pseudoptosis, Dr. Linder recommended that she choose silicone gel implants versus saline implants, as they would help to prevent rippling and provide a natural feel.

While some women opt for both a breast lift and breast augmentation to gain optimal results, Mariah’s case only required implants to tighten her loose breast skin. She is now a full D. Although they do not appear identical to her breasts prior to pregnancy, her newly enhanced breasts are beautifully different than her “deflated water balloon” days.

Mariah’s goal with breast augmentation was not just to have large breasts. She truly wanted to regain confidence and be able to wear certain fashions that she always enjoyed. Although it was a challenge being active with her children in the earlier days of recovery, breast augmentation helped this mother-of-three enjoy her feminine shape once again.

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