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“I was called names like ‘Dumbo’” Lisa's Otoplasty

As a child growing up with protruding ears, Lisa had it anything but easy. She was teased and ridiculed in school about her ears sticking out, which eventually became too much for her to handle. Being called “Dumbo” had a serious impact on her self-esteem, she admitted.

Undergoing plastic surgery is a serious decision, and something many people have difficulty paying for. In Lisa’s case, this rang true. She always dreamt of getting “otoplasty” (ear surgery), but knew she couldn’t afford it.

So Lisa decided to enter an online contest, in which she had the chance to win a free cosmetic procedure. Contestants had to write a story about why they should be chosen. Lisa’s story about growing up and enduring cruelty from other children touched the judges – she won! Her winning story allowed her an all-inclusive plastic surgery experience, from the pre-op testing to a hotel stay for the initial recovery. This was in May 1999, when Lisa underwent the cosmetic surgery procedure that largely affected life.

“Having otoplasty changed my life dramatically.  I instantly felt better about myself and was finally able to confidently wear my hair up without having to worry about anyone saying anything about my ears,” she says. Lisa decided to go to Dr. Michael Elam of Newport Beach, California – the only doctor she consulted. Dr. Elam, she explains, was “very friendly, knowledgeable, and made me feel at ease.” Lisa also says that he answered all of her questions in terms she could understand.

With such satisfaction from this procedure, she says that not only would she consider undergoing additional plastic surgery procedures in the future, she would most definitely recommend plastic surgery to anyone who has insecurities about his or her body. Lisa’s otoplasty took one to two hours, and she was able to resume normal activities almost immediately. However, she admitted to taking it easy in order to prevent any post-op complications, such as bleeding. It is important, she acknowledges, that a person should only undergo a procedure if doing it for him or herself versus to please anyone else.

Although Lisa still gets a tingling feeling behind her ears and some itchiness on rare occasions, she is proud of her decision to undergo otoplasty: “The surgery experience was actually very positive.”

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