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Linda's Whiter Smile


"Grandma, why are your teeth so yellow?" My little grandson's innocent question got my attention. They say "Out of the mouth of babes--". With my prematurely light grey hair and fair skin, my teeth truly were yellow - they clashed with my coloring! My other "attractive" features weren't even noticed because of my yellow teeth. It was time for action!!

My dentist suggested an at-home tray bleaching because of the severity of the discoloration. We decided to initially bleach only the upper teeth so I could more easily see the effect of the bleaching process. One week after the dental staff member took the impression, I left the office with "excitement" in hand. The instructions were easy to understand and comply with. I had chosen to wear the tray at night so it would not interfere with my daytime activities.

The tray was comfortable and hardly noticeable; the bleach material was quite thick and had very little taste. After brusing and flossing, I placed the bleach material in the correct places in the tray and placed it over my top teeth. After closing my teeth together on the trays to make sure it was placed correctly and wiping a small amount of excess bleach off my gums, I waited for the miracle. It was difficult not to keep looking in the mirror to see if the miracle had happened! In the mornings I removed the tray, washed and brushed away all bleach material, brushed and flossed my teeth and smiled!

It took 3 to 4 applications before I noticed the great change starting to occur. It was very gradual and I'm sure I'm the only one who even noticed for awhile. Occasionally my teeth would become sensitive to cold and my dentist suggested I slow down and only use the bleaching material every two or three nights, depending on the sensitivity. The dentist also suggested using a fluoride based gel or a weaker strength of bleach as options.

Within two weeks the change was dramatic. My co-workers kept looking at me and asking if I had cut my hair! I just smiled happily. A couple of friends had guessed my "project" and have helped to monitor my progress. Bleaching my lower teeth is next - no more "yellow" for me! 

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