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Brian's Laser Hair Removal

Brian no longer has a need to shave

My Decision
I decided to have Laser Hair Removal, because I have always had a great deal of unwanted facial hair. I hated shaving, and had a tendency to develope uncomfortable ingrown hairs afterwards. My expectations were to have less facial hair, reduce the need to shave, and to be more comfortable.

My Consultation
I had done a lot of research on side effects of laser hair removal and was scared about losing pigment in my face since the face is so noticeable. They did a test patch on my neck to make sure that I wouldn't have this happen. The test indicated that any side effects would be minimal or non existant.

My Procedure
On June 26th, I went in for the first appointment. The procedure was performed in the doctor's office, and I was told to apply a special cream an hour before my appointment. The cream is a topical ointment called Emla cream which contains lidocaine. After applying the creme I covered the area with saran wrap to hold in the vapors. This helps to numb the face and lessen the pain of the procedure itself. The whole procedure took about 40-45 minutes. This was to be the first of 6-8 visits that would, when completed, eliminate my need to shave. While the procedure itself was painful enough to make my eyes water, the pain went away immediately and I was able to return to work the same day.

The Weeks After
After the first treatment I could see a difference in the thickness of hair on my face. Where I use to end up shaving the hair on the back of my neck once a week, I didn't have to for about a month after the first procedure. I am currently on a schedule that has me coming in every six weeks. The only thing I'm really careful of is to avoid spending too much time in the sun between appointments. I've been told that excess sunlight will decrease the effectiveness of the procedure.

On the whole, I've been quite happy with the procedure. I no longer have to shave, and ingrown facial hair and razor burn are a thing of the past. The procedure is a bit costly ($288 per session, which includeds face and neck), and as an elective surgery, insurance did not cover it. There was a bit of pain involved -- the hairs get singed and then would get stuck on my shirt collar after the procedure. But it is worth it.

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