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"I struggled with not feeling confident about my body" Kameelah's Mommy Makeover

Kameelah never considered plastic surgery – she never thought she’d have difficulty embracing her flaws and imperfections. However, after childbirth took a toll on her body, this 30-year old from Southern California decided to go forward with a plan. 

“I have always had a pretty good body image, and after having a baby I struggled with not feeling confident about my body,” she says. “I also had conflicting feelings about undergoing plastic surgery. I feel that women are inundated with images of unattainable beauty. Yet after having a baby, and seeing how much my body had changed, I too felt insecure about my physical appearance.” 

Kameelah gained 90 pounds during her first pregnancy, in 2001. And although it took her one year to return to her pre-pregnancy body, stretch marks remained. She noticed how they encompassed her entire abdominal region: four inches above her belly button, down to her public region, and around her back. She also had excess skin in her mid-section, which was due to losing such an extreme amount of weight in a considerably short period of time. This body change just wasn’t something Kameelah was happy with. “I knew that a tummy tuck was the only thing that could get rid of it,” she says. 

Her breasts also took on a different appearance after giving birth and breastfeeding. They lost the elasticity and volume they once had. At that point, however, she was focused on only undergoing a tummy tuck. “I was unsure if I wanted to have my breasts lifted or augmented, but I knew that I wanted to have a tummy tuck done,” Kameelah says. She was divorced and had no intention of getting remarried or having any more children, so she felt that a tummy tuck would be a good move. 

After six years of contemplating the decision to have plastic surgery, Kameelah decided to start visiting plastic surgeons for consultation regarding tummy tuck surgery.

“I did not seriously consider getting my breast augmented until after I met with several plastic surgeons who recommended the ‘Mommy Makeover’ for me, because they stated that many women get both done and I can avoid having to have incisions near my breast or areola, when I get the two procedures done simultaneously,” she says. “This convinced me to get the complete Mommy Makeover, because I was afraid that I would love my new tummy, yet dislike my breasts and would want to go back to get them done.” 

She met with three doctors before choosing Dr. Edward Park of Upland, California, and in August 2007, Kameelah said “yes” to plastic surgery – a tummy tuck and breast augmentation

Her Mommy Makeover procedure took two to three hours. Because it was an outpatient procedure, Kameelah was able to go home the same day. The first day brought on a lot of pain, which she was able to manage with medication. A week later, she was able to be up and about, doing simple tasks around the house, while still getting the rest she needed. Two weeks after the surgery, she was back to work and school. Six weeks later, based on Dr. Park’s recommendation, she was able to return to regular exercise. 

Although Kameelah didn’t think she’d ever get remarried or have children again, she did just that. Fortunately, with baby number two, she was able to bounce back to her post-operative shape without a challenge and nurse her second baby without any complications. “My tummy tuck results stayed intact,” she says. “I was very conscious of my weight gain this time, and stayed within the recommended weight range of my ob-gyn.” And while her breasts grew substantially when nursing, she says, they eventually went back to her post-operative breast enhanced size.


With no plans to undergo any additional procedures in the future, Kameelah’s perspective on plastic surgery has shifted. She recommends a Mommy Makeover to other women who are also unhappy with their post-pregnancy shapes: “Having children should not have to feel like a sacrifice of our bodies. If we have to have stretch marks, mom pouches, and sagging breasts, well we can also have them removed or enhanced.”

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