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Jessica's Whiter Teeth

My Decision
My canines were yellow and much darker than my other teeth. I wanted them to match equally with my other teeth and increase the overall whiteness of all my teeth. I was unsure of the procedure and what kind of problems can occur with teeth whitening. My dentist did not believe in bleaching but would give it to patients if they requested it.

My Consultation
Dr. Jacqueline Ficalora allowed me to whiten because she saw that my canines were yellow and unattractive. She told me originally that it may get into the root surface and cause damage. She was thinking of having a waiver for patients to sgin. She was uneducated about the effects bleaching had on enamel and dentin.

My Procedure
There was no preparation for this procedure. The dentist instructed me to wear bleach overnight. I was unaware that I had samples of a 20% carbamide until a friend told me. This high percentage of carbamide caused extreme sensitivity. When I went back down to 10% I was comfortable. I could even tolerate a 15% carbamide.

The Weeks After
I had slight sensitivity, but only in certain teeth. Each day it would move to a different area. It wasn't pain, it was more like an electric current going through the teeth. The dentist gave me prevident to calm things down. This was before we knew of product called ultra-eze potassium nitrate.

My teeth came out pretty white but I normally touch up every year for a couple of nights. I'm now using Opalescence (which works much better) than the Rembrandt I originally bleached with. I would have used a whitening toothpaste for extrinsic staining. I feel that doctors should educate patients in the difference between intrinsic (with bleach) and extrinsic (maintaining outside stains). I don't think many patients are aware of the difference. They assume "whitening toothpaste" will whiten all together. This is not the case. They have to use a combination of the two to get all over results.

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