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No regrets – Now She Feels Complete: Jana's Breast Augmentation

Montclair, CA

My Doctor:

Andres Taleisnik
Orange, CA
Specialty: Plastic Surgery

before surgery

At 25 years old, Jana decided to undergo a procedure that has ultimately changed her life: breast augmentation. This giddy, now 28-year old from Southern California received saline breast implants after years of feeling unsatisfied with her natural underdeveloped size and asymmetrical appearance. Although never one to shy away from wearing certain fashions and showing off her body during the warm Southern California seasons, Jana desired to feel more confident and feminine.


She simply wanted “boobies."

"Her story was originally tracked on  Beauty Chat (one of’s affiliate blogs), in which she      was profiled regarding her experience undergoing breast augmentation and the exceptional personal        care she received  from Dr.  Andres  Taleisnik – a board  certified Orange County plastic surgeon. She discussed her feelings of being disproportioned, choosing a skilled plastic surgeon, her pre-op visits and “the day of,” as well as the recovery process at home. Readers enjoyed learning about the process of undergoing breast augmentation.

Now, since the summer 2007 article series, Jana is a mother of a 2-year old, and happy that she decided to undergo breast augmentation prior to having a child (despite common concerns that it is better to wait until after giving birth).

“After the experience of having a baby, not only would I not want to go Jana Right Before Surgerythrough surgery…I wouldn’t be able to pick him up and play with him due to the recovery period.”

As for sizing, Jana started at an A cup and went to a D cup, with the help of Dr. Taleisnik. Although she gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy, going up to an F cup, she returned to a D cup following a strict diet and exercise regimen. Her enhanced look ultimately remained intact.

Jana After Surgery Photo


Should she go forward with the possibility of having another type of body enhancing surgery, Jana wouldn’t think of going to any other surgeon besides Dr. Taleisnik. She was completely satisfied with the personal treatment from him and his “trustworthy, friendly, honest” staff. Jana admits that she has considered having a “Mommy Makeover” one day, which would include liposuction and tummy tuck surgery. These two procedures are known to provide optimal, complementary results alongside breast augmentation.

Loving her new look and feeling more confident than ever, Jana has no regrets – she now feels complete.

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