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Helen's Experience with Liposuction

My Decision
I weighed 50kgs at 162cm tall with one big handle to hold in the abdominal area after 3 children the last the birth of my son now 2 years and 9 months. It's been a while since I have wanted to discard the fat around my midsection. I thought exercising would get rid of it. Now I know that liposculpture is sure to be the ultimate alternative. I spoke to a few people about who should be the person to walk in my path to mark another memorable chapter of my life.

My Consultation
I was able to find Craig, trusted him the minute I saw him and that's important. It was the easiest decision I had to make. I made a commitment to myself that I want to walk and sit upright and not hide part of me anymore. I just said yes and moved fast from here on, made an appointment, waited 1 week then booked the surgery.

Patience is a virtue something which I have yet to learn to master. At 38 years of age I am still finding out that good things comes to those who definitely wait! My mother once told me you have to suffer to be beautiful! Perhaps I will rephrase it to feel beautiful inside you is more important than outside.

My Procedure
Epworth Hospital, well I was glad I treated myself to a luxurious stay whist I allowed "evasive" surgery to my body. On top of the cannula being jabbed and poked into my abdominal area, the chemicals from the drugs to numb the pain, a mixture of a Molotov cocktail running through my veins which must alter the emotions in my brains. At 18:00 hrs woke up, 20:00 hrs happy with my decision but the words of "pain, pain, pain" silently creped out of my mouth. My eyes opened and this sweet angel who knew I was in excruciating agonizing pain came towards me and held a syringe full of pethidine to ease the extraordinary pain I probably was not meant to feel but woke up too soon as I am so anxious and excited to see life again and live it to the fullest. For the first time I was not scared of needles as the thought of that narrow needle puncturing into my skin makes me feel so uneasy but knew that the pain will decrease very very soon.

You have to commend the nurses of the Epworth hospital for a job well done to put up with patients like myself who wake after such brutal, traumatic and aggressive surgery. An hour after surgery walked to the bathroom big mistake! And she the tall flat stomached young nurse let me know it in a firm and polite way that I should've asked for help even if the staff looked busy. She was right and was doing her job like the others there. My favorite was the male nurses they looked after us with so much patience and care. Thanks to you all!

The Weeks After
Day 1- Friday 01/05/2001- Worse the pain is worse but am learning to tolerate and adapt to it quite well. My family has been great with helping me.
Day 2- Saturday 01/06/2001- I am walking every hour for 5 to 10 minutes. My back is tired from lying down from the weight of my swelling stomach.
Day 3- Sunday 01/07/2001- Bruising sneaking out of bandages around my back looks gruesome but pain is no different just more tolerant.
Day 4- Monday 01/08/2001- I am still in pain but persevering. Today walked 300 meters at 3.1kms an hour in 10 minutes on my electric treadmill. Aggression settling in and impatient for normality back in my life.
Day 5- Tuesday 01/09/2001- More impatient with the slow pace I have to walk talk and move. I am up to 85% to reaching no pain and 100% recovery. I will have to wait and be patient and earn my virtues. Today I can sit a while and surf the net. I am curious to find out more about liposuction. All I can say is don't believe everything you read. Actually don't read about it, if you have seen the documentary you will know that the Plastic Surgery Web site Before/After Frame is not accurate under the topic Does it hurt? The answer they provide is: "surprisingly, modern day liposuction does not hurt much at all." Lies, lies lies and inaccurate statements obviously not from the patient but the American unnamed surgeon. You know what to expect and it is certainly not a pain free procedure but the human body is a remarkable thing which has the capacity to endure pain to a maximum training the brain to tolerate and train to accept up to a certain point resorting in drugs such as pain killers to assist recovery.
Day 6 Wednesday 01/10/2001- Carefully peeled all the bandages off after my shower, which was supposed to be done tomorrow. Could've waited but the itching was irritating my nerves. Dried the wet bandages with a hair drier at the same time peeling it off slowly and carefully. Was glad to finally see the results and happy with the outcome no regrets. Put a tight elasticized top that covered all the way down to my stomach to tighten the swelling firm.

Craig you said I would not require a post-operative garment but I knew I would and lucky for me I had something at home. This should've been provided especially as your post-operative instructions states that the garment should be worn for 3 weeks. I will expect one to be provided for me tomorrow when I come in for my appointment at 11:45am.

I think you are a wonderful doctor Craig and must be fulfilled with your life as you make so many people happy with themselves what an achievement! Thank you for giving us (your patients) nothing but the best from you! And for future patients if you know it's right for you then just do it and have confidence in your doctor.

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