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A Dramatic Difference in My Smile, Carla

Atlanta, GA

I can't imagine anyone not wanting whiter teeth, and when I had the opportunity to bleach my teeth, I jumped at it. Although my teeth were basically strong and healthy, they were also kind of dingy and yellow. And except for some restorative dental work, I hadn't had much done to them.

However, when I started working in the dental profession, I learned about the possibility of lightening the teeth to improve their overall appearance. I knew immediately I wanted to try it.

In the earliest days of bleaching, the work was done in the dentist's chair. Each tooth was isolated with a dental dam and floss was tied around the base of the tooth to protect the gums. Then the bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide, was brushed on the teeth and allowed to remain there for a while. To be honest, this was not only a long, tiring procedure, but it was also pretty painful. Nevertheless, the results were terrific. My newly lightened smile gave me a real lift--and a whole new outlook on life.

Several years later, it was time to bleach again as my smile had darkened considerably. But this time around, things were much easier as well as practically painless. Cosmetic dentistry had taken a great leap forward!

Like other patients, I had an impression taken of my teeth. From this, a model was made to create a custom-fitted bleaching tray. I took it home with a bleaching solution to wear overnight. I only needed to use it for four consecutive nights to get fantastic results. In addition, there was almost no discomfort at all--and I wore the tray about eight hours a night. Quite a different experience than the first time around!

I like to do a touch-up once a year to keep my teeth brilliantly white. Other than that, I don't have to think about it. I can't emphasize enough how simple it is--but how much of a difference it makes in your appearance. I know I smile more often and project greater confidence.

It's also incredible how many people notice your teeth after they've been lightened. People always mention how pretty my teeth are and what a great smile I have. I also believe that darker teeth age the face, even the face of younger people. In fact, less than perfect teeth can look much more attractive if they're bleached to a whiter, brighter shade. The flaws in shape, for example, are much less obvious with a sparkling smile.

When people ask me about lightening their teeth, I give this example: If you have a choice between putting on an old and dingy white shirt and a fresh, brand-spanking-new white shirt--well, which one are you going to choose?

With the great improvement in the entire lightening process, I can't recommend it enough. It's so simple and easy to do. Yet, it makes a dramatic difference in how you look and feel about yourself. 

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