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Donnell's Whiter, Brighter Smile

Salt Lake City, UT

Even with strong, healthy teeth and gums, a yellow cast to the teeth can detract from a pretty smile. That's the problem I faced when I went to work as a dental assistant in my early 20s. Since I was dealing with other people's smiles all day long, I grew conscious of the fact that my own smile was not as white and bright as I wanted it to be.

As a result, I learned about the newest methods in lightening teeth. Because my teeth were basically in good shape, my dentist (Dr. James Morgan of Provo, Utah) recommended that I give bleaching a try. I knew it was a safe, inexpensive and fairly quick approach to solving my problem, so I was eager to get started.

My dentist took an impression of both my upper and lower teeth to create a model of my mouth. From that, a custom-fitted bleaching tray was created. Because it was an exact replica of my mouth, I never found it uncomfortable at all--even when I wore it for eight hours straight.

I went home that evening with my new device and a sustained-release bleaching solution in a pleasant melon flavor. I was so excited about the treatment, I almost couldn't wait to go to sleep!

After I got ready for bed, I put the solution into the tray and then slipped it into my mouth. I felt just fine. In fact, I slept straight through until morning. For the next six nights, I repeated this procedure. One week later, I had a brand new smile--all accomplished without any pain or irritation to my teeth and gums.

The bleaching process worked like a charm. It took a full seven days, but the impact has been amazing. My teeth are much brighter and cleaner-looking. They sparkle. Best of all, I get compliments all the time. People always tell me, "You've got such a nice white smile." I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing that.

To keep my teeth looking their best, I use a touch-up bleaching solution once or twice a year. Again, it's simple, easy, and the results are worth it.

With such nice white teeth, I can experiment a lot more with makeup, especially lipstick. I don't have to avoid certain colors because I'm afraid they'll make my teeth look dark and yellow. Now, I can wear any color I want--even fire engine red to show off my best asset--my fresh new smile! 

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