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Does a Beautiful Body Make a Woman Happy?

When I was about fifteen I was attending a baseball practice and I was struck in the right breast by a fastball. It hurt terribly, when I went to the hospital the doctors said it was badly bruised but not damaged. It healed after a few weeks and I pretty much forgot about it.

In college, instead of gaining the freshman 15, I gained 45 pounds and really sank into a deep depression. It took several years to lose the weight and during that battle I became anorexic. After college I battled anorexia, and at the age of 23 settled into a healthy weight of 130 to 135 depending on the time of year. I followed a healthy diet, participated in a smart and healthy exercise program, and had a great job.

In my battles with my weight I noticed that my right breast basically remained the size of what it was at the age of 15 and it hung about 3 centimeters lower than my left one. My left reflected my weight, my period, and to a small degree the benefits of my exercise program. I decided if I could ever afford it, I would reward myself with a breast augmentation. I had grown tired of stuffing an extra pad in the right side of my bra and worrying if I looked symmetrical in bathing suits.

Two years later I got married and we decided to have children right away. During my pregnancies my left breast would become a DD while my right breast would remain a full B. When breast feeding almost nothing came out of my right breast and I basically nourished both children with one breast.

As I approached my 30th birthday, my husband asked me if I still wanted the surgery that I had brought up many times, as we could afford it now. I was on the phone within ten minutes scheduling an appointment with the plastic surgeon that had done a skull reconstruction on my daughter.

Dr. Dufresne explained that for complete resolution of my lack of symmetry it would take two surgeries. The first would insert implants to make the size and firmness proportional to my left breast and the second would make the nipples hang at the same position. I also decide to reward myself with liposuction on my buttocks, outer thighs and around my hips (areas that exercise cannot target). Because of the changes that occurred during my pregnancies the doctor explained that pregnancy could change the appearance somewhat. This was not a concern because my husband had a vasectomy. I schedule the first procedure. Since I was going to be having two surgeries, and Dr. Dufresne said that I could go from bigger to small easily I asked him to make both breasts a D cup. That turned out to be too big for my small shoulder and a lot of my tailored clothing was too tight across my chest. My suggestion is to buy a bra in the size you want to be then stuff it and live for about a week with that breast size to make sure that the right size for you. When I go in for the second part of my surgery I will have him make me a C cup. The liposuction was done on my buttocks and thighs and is such a dramatic improvement that I can't wait to have my hips and mommy pouch done. My workouts have so much more value for me because I can now really see the results.

Here is a section out of my Diary. "Less than 12 hours until my surgery. I feel like such a hypocrite, as I am into natural organic foods, and have always had negative opinions about people who wear fake nails, gaudy jewelry or dye their hair excessively, yet here I am getting ready to have plastic surgery. Most of my close friends want to know "why". My answer is that I want to get a little help in achieving the body that I work hard to take care of, I want to be able to wear a bathing suit and not worry about a pad falling out and I want to look like I work out. I am terrified I have never had "real" surgery before, and after my c-section I was in a lot of pain, how can I handle that with a four year old and a two year old. The doctor has given me a Valium for the night before and I am going to go ahead and take it. I hope this is worth it." 

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