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It Wasn't the Kind of Attention She Wanted: Denice's Breast Reduction

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Having grown up with discomfort and the embarrassment of having double D size breasts, which fully developed by the age of 18, this mother-of-two made a decision that ultimately enhanced her life.

For a long time, in addition to having unbearable pain from deep bra strap grooves, Denice used to have her undergarments specially ordered to fit her size – a necessary annoyance that she is happy to be done with. “Now that women are getting breast implants many stores carry bigger bras [it’s more common]. But back then, you could only find like one double D bra in a place like Victoria’s Secret…and they had thick straps you could literally see through a shirt.” Denice, who underwent breast reduction and a breast lift at 24 and is now 33 years old, also couldn’t wear two-piece bathing suits because there is no support. The self-consciousness that grew from having a large bust made her want to hide them; wearing big sweatshirts was the norm for her in high school. And while many girls her age at the time enjoyed getting attention from boys, Denice became uncomfortable with it because it wasn’t the kind of attention she wanted. 

With insurance covering a large portion of the overall surgery, she eventually decided to seek the assistance of plastic surgery specialist John Gross, M.D. at University of Southern California (USC). When it came time for her to choose a plastic surgeon, turning to Dr. Gross was not a challenge, as she was referred to him from a family member. Denice went in to the consultation already trusting him. After learning about her desire to reduce the size and lift her breasts, Dr. Gross gave her certain prerequisites before she went any further. The main one: Getting surgery such as this after a life-changing event (which helps to ensure that the patient is getting surgery for the right reasons). In Denice’s case, this meant getting married before surgery. So she did just that, but decided to go forward with having a breast reduction and breast lift prior to having her first son.

Denice encourages women to have children first before getting these procedures, which is due to the fact that the feel of her breasts have slightly changed after childbirth. However, she is happy that she underwent the surgeries first. Now, with size C breasts, Denice is able to stay active with her kids without the hindrance of overly large breasts. “Playing is not an option in my home – It’s a must!"

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