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Dave's Chemical Peel

My Decision
Being an avid golfer and skier, I spend a lot of time in the sun. I also visit the dermatologist every couple of years to make sure the possibility of skin cancer might be caught early. While visiting with my dermatologist a couple of months ago, I asked if there was anything I could do to reverse some wrinkles and sun damage. He said I had a couple of options and scheduled a consultation for the following week.

My Consultation
After presenting a couple of different options, I decided a light chemical peel would be the best option. The doctor explained it would take about 15 minutes and would not involve any down time.

My Procedure
Because the chemical peel would only take 15 minutes I was able to have it done while I was there for my consultation. The first step in the process was a special cleanser. This was applied to my face using a cotton ball. Step two was the chemical peel. It was a clear liquid that looked like water. With a large Q-tip the peel was applied evenly on my face taking about 30 seconds. The peel remained on my face for about 5 minutes. There was a light stinging. I would say it was like shaving your face and then using aftershave when you are done. After 5 minutes had passed, a neutralizing solution was applied to my face with a different Q-tip. I then went to a sink and rinsed off my face. That was the entire process. I received a five-day supply of moisturizer to use, and was sent on my way. The only side affect was a slight redness to my face. This persisted for about an hour following the peel.

The Weeks After
I went into this treatment desiring to remedy some skin damage and pre-mature signs of aging. Those results were evident. What is most surprising was how soft and firm my skin was for weeks.

Two months have passed. I have another chemical peel scheduled a week from now. You can have this particular peel once every couple of months. The peel is a "Refinity Peel" through McGhan Medical. The cost is around $100 dollars per treatment. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to make an immediate difference with a non-surgical approach. The results of the peel far exceeded my expectation.

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